How do i know my dress shirt size?

To determine your dress shirt size, you need to measure your neck, chest, waist, and sleeve length. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Neck measurement: Measure around the base of your neck where the collar would normally sit. Round up to the nearest half inch.
  2. Chest measurement: Button up the shirt and spread it out, facing up. Measure from the bottom of the armpit of the shirt to the bottom of the other armpit.
  3. Waist measurement: Lay the shirt on a flat surface. Measure the waistline of the shirt and stretch it out fully to ensure you get the full measurement.
  4. Sleeve length: Measure from the center of the back of your neck, over your shoulder, and down to your wrist. Round up to the nearest half-inch.

Once you have these measurements, compare them to a dress shirt size chart. For example, if your neck measurement is 15 inches, your sleeve length is 32 inches, and your chest measurement is 38 inches, you would look for a size that matches these measurements on the size chart.

Dress shirt sizes can be in alpha sizing (small, medium, large) or numerical sizing (based on neck and sleeve length) [2].


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