How to Wear a Batik Sarong, Simple and Easy!

Did you know that October 2 is National Batik Day? Batik is a cultural heritage of Indonesia. It was made into an oral and non-material cultural heritage by UNESCO on October 2, 2009. Then, the government issued a letter of Presidential Decree no. 33 of 2009. This decree states that it is mandatory to wear Batik on October 2.

In the past, maybe Batik was not very attractive to a group of young people because of the motifs that were judged to look still vintage or old and not very attractive. They only use Batik at certain times, such as invitations or other formal meetings.

However, since the phrase ‘Love Indonesian products’ was used, the popularity of Batik has started to increase. Batik motifs are no longer monotonous, and many artisans are beginning to develop and explore new motifs for Batik.

If you are tired of wearing the same Batik when invited, try a batik sarong. Batik sarongs are ready to compete with other clothes.

Are you tired of the same old style? Or don’t know how to use a good and correct batik cloth? Check out some tips on how to wear a batik sarong so that we don’t look outdated. There are various ways you can wear them when going to a wedding or other formal event.

Tutorial on wearing a batik sarong to make it look like a twisted skirt

The first way to wear a batik sarong is to make it wrap around your body. There are several steps that need to be considered.

The best place to start is with a batik motif. This is what you will use as a point center or commonly called Tumpal.

After that, tie the cloth to your belly button. Leave it for a minute, and then make sure to tighten it up.

After folding the cloth and all left is the edge, the next step is to trim and fold this edge. To make it stronger, pierce it with a pin or needle.

The last step is to trim the skirt or batik sarong. This means that you are wearing two clothes even though there is only one cloth.

How to wear a batik sarong, so it doesn’t sag easily

Often, when we wear a skirt or a dress, we may feel uncomfortable. Maybe the fabric falls, and people can see it. But this time, there is a way that is worth trying for using a batik sarong.

It would be best if you prepared the batik sarong and stagen before you start the ceremony. Stagen is a cloth thing that you wrap around your stomach.

Choose a tumpal and place it in front.

Wrap the cloth around your waist. Make sure it’s neat, so the pattern looks good.

You can wear a belt. The belt will keep your clothes up if they start to sag. Wear the belt around your waist, and it will help you look more elegant.

You can also match the batik sarong with a kebaya or a batik blouse when you have finished making it.

How to Use a Batik Sarong with Peek a Boo Style

If a batik sarong has two different patterns, the main pattern is usually in front. The other design might be minor.

This time, it is about wearing a batik sarong that hides the tumpal. To do this, you need to have a batik sarong and stagen. Here are the steps:

The first is to get into the sarong, then spread the fabric precisely to make the tumpal in the middle.

Take the two ends of your cloth and wrap them around your waist so that they join in the middle. Try not to cover the tumpal entirely so that it has the impression of peeking.

To make it tighter, use a stagen to change the function of the belt.

Suitable Outfits with Batik Sarongs

After learning about the different ways to wear a sarong, let’s talk about what outfits go well with them. Here are some recommendations!

Blouse Tops for Office

For those of you who are sick of wearing batik shirts to work, there is an alternative. White blouses are a neutral color that will match with almost anything. You can wear them with white blouses to make the outfit less formal and more casual. Batik sarongs are also a good choice for this.

T-shirt tops for the holidays

You can wear a batik sarong for informal events, too. It has almost the same function as a skirt. You can fold the fabric to make it shorter if it is too long. A short sarong will give you more freedom of movement. Use a t-shirt top in different colors when you are traveling, and don’t forget the accessories!

For you ladies with a slender figure, dark colors and printed batik sarongs look good. Just make sure that your skirt is not too short and that your legs remain covered with stockings or pantyhose. If you prefer dresses, then use sarong for shorts underneath, so it looks classy.

Some Questions on Batik Sarong.

What to do if the sarong is too long

If you are wearing a sarong with longer fabric than usual, then here is what you do. First of all, fold it in half until it reaches your knees. After that, wrap it around your waist and tie the tumpal over both edges on the right side. This means your sarong is shorter than usual.

How to Get out of Batik Sarongs

What if you want to get out of your batik sarong, but the tumpal ties are still tied? Here’s how:

Unwrap the stagen from around your waist. Place it over your shoulder. Then, spread the batik sarong on a flat surface and tie it in a bow.

At this point, you can step out of the batik sarong! Then just put stagen back over your shoulders and enjoy being free from that thing!