How is polyester fabric for summer?

Polyester fabric is not typically considered the best choice for summer due to its lack of breathability. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that does not allow air to circulate through it as easily as natural fibers like cotton or wool.

This can lead to discomfort and even skin irritation in hot and humid climates. However, some manufacturers have developed polyester fabrics with improved breathability and moisture-wicking properties, which can make them more suitable for summer wear.


When choosing fabrics for summer, it is recommended to look for lightweight and breathable materials, such as cotton, linen, and rayon, which are known for their ability to allow air circulation and sweat evaporation.

These fabrics are considered more comfortable for everyday wear in warm or humid climates. It is also advised to avoid heavy and thick fabrics like wool and denim, as they can trap heat and cause discomfort.

In summary, while polyester fabric can be used in summer clothing, it is generally not the most breathable or comfortable choice compared to natural fibers like cotton and linen. It is recommended to consider other lightweight and breathable fabrics for summer wear to stay cool and comfortable.

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