Is Hem Tape permanent?

Hem tape is generally considered temporary and not permanent. The search results show that the Singer Instant Hem Tape, for example, is described as a “temporary hemming adhesive” and is used to “temporarily repair ripped seams in clothing and household fabrics”[1].

Similarly, the Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Tape is marketed as a “permanent bond that remains flexible, even after washing,” but it is still classified as a “fabric tape” rather than a “permanent hem tape”[3].


There are, however, products available that are specifically marketed as “permanent hem tape.” These products are typically iron-on and are designed to create a permanent bond between fabric layers.

For example, the Fusible Hem Tape from MadamSew is an iron-on fusible hem tape that adheres two fabric layers permanently[6].

Another option is the HeatnBond Hem Iron-On Adhesive, which is also a permanent hem tape[2].

In summary, while there are products available that can create a permanent bond between fabric layers, they are typically classified as “fusible hem tape” or “iron-on hem tape” rather than “permanent hem tape.”

Sewing tape, on the other hand, is generally considered temporary and will not hold up to washing or wear over time.


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