Batik Design Ideas to Beautify Your Appearance

There are lots of batik design ideas that you can use as inspiration to beautify your appearance. Batik is a typical cloth from Indonesia in which there are various designs or certain motifs.

Currently, there are various designs of batik in Indonesia. The following are batik patterns ideas in Indonesia that will enhance your appearance:

Batik Parang Rusak

The parang rusak batik is one of the most popular batik pattern. The beautiful motifs make this batik widely chosen for use. The meaning of the batik Parang Rusak motif is a picture of the human struggle against evil.

The fight referred to in the meaning of this batik is the ability of oneself to fight all bad things. Thus, it will make humans wiser and nobler. Because it has a deep meaning, it is not surprising that many people like these contrasting colors batik.

Megamendung Batik Patterns

Another popular batik design drawing is Megamendung batik, especially in the Cirebon area. This batik motif is very unique, making it widely used by people.

Megamendung batik motifs are similar to clouds. This is in accordance with the name Mega which means cloud. In addition, there is also the word cloudy which is defined as the nature of patience.

The gradation of this motif corresponds to the seven layers in the sky. Generally, Megamendung batik is blue. It’s perfect for the traditional interior design projects.

Kawung Batik Designs

The next popular pattern is batik kawung. This batik has an old motif and comes from the land of Java. Even though it has an old motif, this batik is still very beautiful when used on home decor. You can use it on clothes to enhance your appearance.

The kawung motif is a picture of the kawung fruit or sugar palm. The philosophy of this batik paint is also very deep. Kawung batik has a philosophy of perfect self-control with a clean heart. And, without any desire to do fun deeds during life.

Tujuh Rupa of Batik Pekalongan

Pekalongan is one of the regions in Indonesia which is famous for its batik craft and batik center. No wonder Pekalongan has its own unique batik, namely the seven-way batik. The seven-way batik is a typical batik from Pekalongan which has a beautiful green appearance.

The hallmark of Pekalongan’s seven-way batik is dominated by plants, flowers, and the animal world. So, a natural impression radiates when you use these seven types of Pekalongan batik. Pekalongan batik also has a deep meaning, namely the life of coastal communities that are easy to adapt to other cultures.

Batik Sidoluhur

Another beautiful batik fabric is Sidoluhur batik. Sidoluhur batik is generally used by the bride during her wedding night. However, in addition to the bride can also use this batik. Sidoluhur batik comes from Javanese culture which is very thick with batik culture.

Sidoluhur batik also has a very deep meaning. The word Sido in Sidoluhur batik comes from the Javanese language which means to be and the word sublime which means honorable or dignified. So, it is hoped that if you use Sidoluhur batik in clothing, you can become respectable or dignified.

Balinese Batik Pattern

Batik generally does come from the Java area. However, there are also other areas that have their own unique batik. For example, batik from Bali or what is often known as Balinese batik. Balinese batik is a typical batik from the area of ​​Bali.

The design of Balinese batik motifs is inspired by various animals painting. Such as turtles, cranes, and also deer. The colors used in Balinese batik are also very interesting because they use bright colors. The colors commonly used in Balinese batik are blue, yellow, and purple.

Lasem Batik

As the name implies, Lasem batik comes from the Lasem area, Rembang Regency, Central Java. This batik has very beautiful motif art techniques. Batik is the first time there is a form of acceptance of the arrival of China traders in Indonesia.

So, don’t be surprised if Lasem batik is thick with Chinese nuances. This batik has a very striking motif and color. Thus, making this batik very unique to have. This batik will be a favorite for those of you who like unique batiks.

Betawi Batik

No less than other regions, it turns out that Jakarta also has its own unique batik. Batik from Jakarta has the name batik Betawi. Betawi batik has a characteristic contrast bright color. Betawi batik also has a very unique motif design.

This batik has colorful designs of ondel-ondel motifs, shoots of bamboo shoots, nusa coconut, and also xylophone kromong which is a characteristic of Betawi culture. Usually, this is used when there is a Betawi Abang None cultural celebration event in Jakarta.

Modern Batik with Acrylic Paint

The modern Batik pattern uses a linear arrangement for leaf, flower, and bird treatments. As the patterns are free-form the designs will depend upon the designers, as well as their guidelines. With some help from tools like paint brush, hot wax or paint dry, it will become the art.

What is Batik?

This Indonesian wax-resistant textile dyeing technique has been widely used in interiors. Take the Batik textile arts: the dyeing process using wax resists is applied to create complex patterns. Although batik is an established design, the style has seen a renaissance in the interior design industry and many big retailers offer batik furniture ranging from bedding to furniture for upholstered furniture.

Pattern inspiration from the century-old technique of Batik

Our designer team always has new skills, inspiration, and ideas. The best way to explore the arts is to look at other cultural traditions and art. Batik is the most popular and ancient Indonesian technique. Batiks are woven fabrics made from wax resists.

The traditional method for creating the patterns is to apply melted wax to cloth and dip it into the dye. The cloth is held together and the dye penetrates the exposed areas. In color multiples, the process is repeated.


What are the examples of batik design?

Batik is a technique of dyeing textiles and other materials, typically with wax. The cold wax creates a resist to the dyes so that only areas covered by the wax will be dyed – similarly to using an airbrush or pour painting technique. In modern times Batik is also often used as a form of folk art or interior decoration.

How do you draw batik art?

  1. Batik is a plant wax, made from the bark of certain trees, with different ingredients for each type.
  2. Dissolve the bark in hot water
  3. When it has cooled down so it’s warm but not hot, soak your fabric in it until thoroughly wet. Then wring out the excess. That process only needs to be done once.
  4. Then you need to color the wax so it’s no longer white and pour it over the fabric while using a brush or something similar. You can do this in any pattern you want, including stripes or circles or whatever other random shapes you’d like!

What is the pattern of batik in Indonesia?

The patterns of batik are influenced by the culture of where it is made. One example of this would be Indonesia, which has a lot of Islamic influence in its society.

Indonesians usually wear white clothing, especially for occasions like weddings or special meetings, so they use batik to make these clothes more interesting. The patterns they often use are floral designs because flowers are often used in Islam as representations of happiness and joyfulness.