Acubi Style Clothing

Acubi-style clothing includes a variety of items for both men and women. Here are some examples:

  1. Textured Double Zip Shirt in Black by Acubi, available in sizes XS[1].
  2. Women’s Color: White Size: M Acubi Fashion[2].
  3. Kukuzhu Men’s Loose Sweater in Fairy Grunge Goth style[3].
  4. Adobk Kiwi and Avocado Men Women Full Zip Sun Protection Hoodie[4].
  5. ASOS Design Scuba T-Shirt with Curved Hem in Gray Heather[5].
  6. ASOS Weekend Collective Oversized Striped Shirt in camel[6].
  7. Molare African Print Short Sleeve Unisex Adults Shirt in Dark Blue[7].
  8. David Jones Lapoge 1X Africa Dashiki Tribal Hippie Men Shirt Women Top[8].
  9. AVIAHOLICS Hoodie Zipped for Men and Women[9].
  10. Acubi Mystery Clothing Bundle, which could include various styles[10].
  11. ASRV Silver-Lite 2.0 Oversized Tee in Ivory Cream[11].
  12. ASRV Supima Oversized Workout Tee – Ivory Cream[12].
  13. ASRV Silver-Lite 2.0 Oversized Tee – White S[13].
  14. AKOO Spiffy Polo in MD[14].
  15. AKOO Motivation SS Woven (Whisper White) in 3XL[15].
  16. Makobi Embossed Crew Neck (Black) in 363 XL[16].
  17. Vintage Japan Made Bill Koba’C Striped Thrashed Single Stitch, Men’s (Size Small) [17].
  18. Kapital 18.5 / -Tianzhu High Neck Long Tee (Peace Embroidery) in Black[18].
  19. Falection 24ss Casablan Tennis Afro Cubism Silk Viscose Twill Shirt[19].
  20. [BLACKPINK] – ADLV Rainbow Gradation Long Sleeve Official MD Melange / Size 2[20].

The price range for these items varies. Some are under $50, like the ASOS Design Scuba T-Shirt[5] and the ASOS Weekend Collective Oversized Striped Shirt[6].

Others fall in the $50 – $100 range, such as the Kukuzhu Men’s Loose Sweater[3] and the Adobk Kiwi and Avocado Men Women Full Zip Sun Protection Hoodie[4].

A few items are priced between $100 – $200, like the Textured Double Zip Shirt[1] and the ASRV Silver-Lite 2.0 Oversized Tee[11].

The ASRV Supima Oversized Workout Tee[12] is over $200.

Acubi-style clothing is a combination of various aesthetics, including grunge, minimalism, subversive basics, and Y2K influences. It is characterized by a mix of baggy and tight clothing, asymmetric cuts, chunky shoes, and silver accessories.

The style often features neutral tones and incorporates elements of Korean culture, K-pop, and cyber fairy grunge.

Some key pieces of Acubi fashion include plain tees, denim skirts or shorts, and minimalistic jewelry.


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