How to Make Batik Art Using Glue: on Fabric & Paper (DIY Projects)

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to create batik art, then you’ll love these glue batik art DIY projects!

Today’s post will show you how to make batik art using glue. You can either make these DIY projects on fabric or paper.

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This is an excellent project for beginners, and it’s a lot of fun! So gather your supplies, and let’s get started!

How to Make Glue Batik Art on Fabric

Glue Batik on Fabric.

What You’ll Need 

For this project, you will need the following:

  • Fabric or canvas bags or T-shirts (cotton works best)
  • Washable white glue or Elmer’s washable blue gel glue
  • Acrylic paints in the colors of your choice
  • An old paintbrush or two
  • And some newspaper or plastic sheeting to protect your workspace.

Creating Your Batik 

Easy Fabric Batik with Glue

Now comes the fun part!

Step 1 – Sketch Your Design

  1. Start by sketching your design onto the fabric or paper with a pencil.
  2. After that, trace over it with your glue. Feel free to get creative – this is where you can let your imagination run wild!
  3. Once you have finished tracing your design with glue, let it dry completely before proceeding. Depending on how thickly the glue was applied, this may take several hours, so be patient! 

Step 2 – Paint Your Fabric

  1. Once dry, lay down some newspapers and place your glued design on top of them (this will keep any excess paint from ruining your workspace).
  2. Use paintbrushes and paints to fill in the sections with color. For a more intricate look, try mixing different colors for exciting effects. 
  3. Slide a sheet of cardboard between the two layers to keep paint from seeping through to the opposite side of a canvas bag.
  4. Let dry completely for several hours. 

Step 3 – Remove the Glue

  1. After the paint fry, soak the fabric in warm water for 15 to 30 minutes. You can do this in a basin or directly on the sink or bathtub. The glue will soften as it soaks longer.
  2. You can speed up the process by rubbing on the areas with glue. After all the glue has been removed, hang the fabric to dry.
  3. Now you have your beautiful batik art!

How to Make Glue Batik Art on Paper

Glue batik art on paper.

What You’ll Need 

To begin you’ll need some basic supplies to get started.

  • Choose the paper or drawing sheet you want to use for your project.
  • Use Fevicol glue or PVA glue for this project.
  • Pick out some watercolor paints in the colors of your choice.
  • An old paintbrush or two.
  • And some newspaper or plastic sheeting to protect your workspace.

Creating Your Batik

How to do Batik Art on Paper

Once your supplies are set up, it’s time to start making your designs!

Step 1 – Create Your Design

  1. Begin by outlining your design using your Fevicol glue. You can use thin lines or detailed patterns; it’s up to you!
  2. After the Fevicol drawing is finished, let it dry overnight.

Step 2 – Paint Your Batik

  1. Once the outline has dried completely, paintbrushes and watercolors fill the sections with color.
  2. For a more intricate look, try mixing different colors for exciting effects. 
  3. Make sure that all surface is covered with colors.

Step 3 – Let Dry

  1. Let it dry overnight.
  2. The glue outlines give an embossed-like texture to the batik art.

Glue Batik Projects Ideas

You can use glue batik in creative projects in many different ways. Some of the most popular ideas include:

  • Creating unique fabric designs and patterns for clothing, scarves, tote bags, home decor items, accessories, and more.
  • Creating beautiful wall art using paper or canvas as a base. Glue batik is also a popular art technique for children’s art classes, as it is easy to learn and can be combined with other creative techniques like a watercolor painting.
  • Incorporating glue batik into mixed media projects, such as collage or scrapbooking.


Can you do batik with PVA glue?

Yes, you can do batik with PVA glue. Many people use PVA glue for batik projects because it is easy to clean up and has a stronghold.

However, you will want to ensure that the glue is washable or non-toxic to avoid potential health risks.

How do you remove batik glue?

The best way to remove glue from batik art is to soak it in warm water for a few minutes.

Can you use acrylic paint for batik?

Yes. However, using this paint with synthetic fabrics is not recommended as it may cause damage.

How do you make homemade batik?

To make a batik pattern, you must first draw or paint your desired design on a cloth. Once your design is complete, you’ll need to cover it with wax.

Next, you can dye the cloth. The colors will only penetrate areas that are not covered in wax.

So, if you want to create a solid color batik pattern, you’ll need to apply several coats of dye and then reapply new layers of wax each.

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