What Is Pure New Wool?

Wool is a fabric that is made from the fleece of an animal. It has been used for clothing and blankets for centuries.

Different Types of Wool

There are many types of wool, but the most common is sheep’s wool and goat’s wool. Sheep’s wool is the most common because it is softer and longer fiber length than goat’s wool.

What is pure new wool?

New wool is a type of wool that has not been processed or dyed. It is made from the raw fleece of sheep that have not been sheared.

New wool is considered the highest quality of wool because it is denser and has a longer fiber length than other types of yarn.

The Difference Between Pure New Wool And Wool Fabric

Wool fabric made from older sheep can sometimes have different textures, looks, and smells. Pure new wool is a type of wool fabric made from the fibers of newly sheared sheep. It has a distinctive, lustrous feel and is often used for high-quality clothing, such as sweaters and suits.


The benefits of pure new wool include:

  • It is naturally soft, comfortable to the touch, and has a distinctive, lustrous feel
  • It retains its warmth better than other types of wool fabrics
  • It is resistant to wrinkles and creases


The disadvantages of pure new wool include:

  • More expensive than other types of wool fabric
  • It may have a different texture, look, and smell than other types of wool fabric

How to Care for Pure New Wool?

Like any fiber, wool requires care to maintain its quality and prevent it from becoming damaged or worn out. Here are some tips for caring for pure new wool:

  • Wool should be dry cleaned only if it has been heavily soiled or if the item is incapable of being hand-washed.
  • It should not be machine-washed or dry cleaned with synthetic dyes or fabric softeners. These will damage the fiber and reduce its lifespan.
  • Store wool away from heat and direct sunlight to keep it from fading or becoming brittle.

In general, wool is a versatile fabric that can be dressy or casual. It has many benefits, such as keeping you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

What Is Pure New Wool? 4 Uses For This Luxurious Fabric

Pure new wool is a luxurious fabric made of 100% wool. It is the finest wool available and is used for clothing, bedding, and other luxury items.

Some common uses for pure new wool include:

  1. Clothing: This fabric is perfect for winter clothes because it keeps you warm without being heavy or uncomfortable.
  2. Bedding: This fabric is perfect for bedding because it is soft and comfortable.
  3. Home Decor: Pure new wool can be used to create beautiful home decor items like curtains, blankets, and pillows.
  4. Accessories: Pure new wool is often used in high-end accessories like hats, gloves, and boots.