What To Make With Batik Fabric

Batik fabric is a beautiful and unique textile that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re a quilter, a crafter, or a sewer, there’s a batik project out there for you.


Batik fabric is perfect for use in quilts. The vibrant colors and patterns can add a lot of interest to your quilt top. If you’re looking for a challenge, try making a batik pictorial quilt.

This type of quilt is made by sewing together small pieces of batik fabric to create a larger image. Pictorial quilts can be incredibly stunning and are sure to be amazing conversation starters.


If you’re looking for a functional bag that will get noticed, look no further than batik fabric.

Whether you need a new purse, a tote bag for the beach, or even a diaper bag, batik fabric is up to the task. Just be sure to use interfacing on the inside of the bag to give it some structure.


Clothing made from batik fabric is always eye-catching. If you’re feeling daring, try making yourself a pair of pants out of batik fabric. Or, if you’d prefer something a little more subtle, consider using batik fabric to make yourself a pretty blouse or festive skirt.

No matter what you choose to make, your finished garment is sure to turn heads.

3 Fashion Things to Make With Batik Fabric

Today, I’m going to show you three things that you can make with batik fabric. Batik is a wax-resist dyeing technique that is used to create patterns on fabric.

You can find batik fabric at most craft stores. Let’s get started!

Tote Bag

A tote bag is a great way to show off your batik fabric.

  • To make a tote bag, you will need 1 yard of batik fabric, 1 yard of lining fabric, and two handles.
  • Start by cutting the fabric into two rectangles measuring 18″x22″.
  • Next, sew the two rectangles together along the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.
  • Then, turn the bag right-side out and attach the handles.
  • Voila! You’ve got yourself a cute and unique tote bag.


And it’s super easy to make!

  • To make a pillow, you will need 1/2 yard of batik fabric, 1/2 yard of interfacing, and one pillow form.
  • Start by cutting two pieces of fabric measuring 18″x18″.
  • Next, iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of one piece of fabric. Then, sew the two pieces of fabric together along all four sides, leaving an opening for the pillow form.
  • Finally, insert the pillow form into the opening and hand-sew it shut. That’s it! You’ve made a beautiful batik pillow.


A skirt is always in style. And what better way to show off your pretty legs than with a colorful skirt?

  • To make a skirt, you will need 1 1/2 yards of batik fabric, 1 Yard of elastic, and a sewing machine.
  • Start by cutting the fabric into four rectangles measuring 18″x22″. Sew the rectangles together along the sides and bottom to create one long tube of fabric.
  • Then, sew one end of the elastic closed and thread it through the waistband of the skirt (leaving about an inch open). Once the elastic is threaded through the entire waistband, sew the other end closed.
  • Finally, hem the skirt to your desired length and you’re done! You’ve just made yourself a gorgeous batik skirt.

There you have it! So grab some batik fabric from your local craft store and start crafting!