How to Wash Batik for the First Time to Keep the Color Brilliant

Some of us may still be confused, especially about how to wash batik the first time after buying it. Batik cloth is one of the original fabrics of pride, the result of hereditary culture in Java. Its very unique motif with a short manufacturing process makes this fabric very special.

Batik has a history that is deeply rooted in Indonesia so that UNESCO has designated it as the original cultural heritage of our nation since October 2, 2009. Batik fabric has a special manufacture by means of chanting on the fabric. With the stipulation of batik as a cultural heritage in Indonesia, the world is increasingly recognizing that batik is unique to Indonesia.

The Privileges of Batik Shirts

The variety of batik patterns is also very diverse. Written batik in Indonesia is different in each region and has its own uniqueness. This uniqueness later became the hallmark of batik in each region. Of course, the characteristics of the area can be reflected in the batik motifs.

Batik is now also getting popular use. Not only used in certain moments, but batik clothes can also be used at formal and semi-formal events. This shows that batik does bring an elegant style and feel to the wearer.

In its development, batik has now begun to be developed and favored by young people. The style of batik that has a formal impression has also begun to be made in such a way to be more contemporary and suitable for use in casual events. Of course this is one way to maintain the cultural heritage of this nation.

How to take care of Batik Shirt

If you are a beginner in batik matters, of course one of the obstacles that are often faced is regarding the care of these clothes. Usually we will be confused about how to wash batik the first time. Washing original written batik clothes does require attention so that the color of the cloth remains brilliant.

To note, there are two kinds of ways to wash clothes. The first can be done by hand or manually and the second can be done using a washing machine. When going to wash batik clothes for the first time, it’s a good idea to use manual or hand methods. Here are the steps:

1.Separate batik clothes with other fabrics and clothes. This is so that the batik to be washed is not contaminated or contaminated with colors from other clothes.

2. Prepare a bucket and soak the batik clothes without using detergent. Detergents have active compounds that are quite strong in removing dirt from clothes. In batik cloth, these components can damage the fiber of batik cloth which is quite sensitive.

3.Use warm water to soak the batik cloth. This warm water is indeed good for shedding dirt on clothes.

4. After soaking for a while, do the washing using shampoo. Shampoo has a softer content but is still effective for washing batik for the first time. This will keep the fibers of the clothing intact.

5. Add natural herbal ingredients such as orange peel. This material is able to be a material that protects the fabric from the disturbance of small animals when the fabric is stored for a long time.

6. Do the washing with circular hand movements and rub with gentle force. When finished, proceed with rinsing the batik cloth using running water.

7. Now dry the batik clothes using a clothes hanger and make sure there are no wrinkled or tattered parts of the fabric. Dry in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight so that the color of the fabric is maintained.

How? Quite easy, not actually a step in washing batik for the first time. There is no special method and it is recommended to use the manual method without a washing machine. For further treatment, you can do it using the same method or you can also start using the help of a washing machine.

Additional Tips in Caring for Batik Clothes

You need to remember that using a washing machine is actually not recommended because it can make batik cloth damaged faster. But if you have to use a washing machine, it will be easier. The important thing is that you combine batik with the same color and then wash it on a delicate or low cycle mode.

Batik clothes need to be dried in a shady area. Do not dry batik clothes in direct sunlight because it can damage the color of the batik. If you have to, then you can turn the inside while drying so that the fabric will still be well preserved.

In addition to the things above, you also need to understand that the use of chemical additives such as fragrances, softeners or bleach is not recommended when washing batik clothes. These substances can damage clothes so that later batik will not last.

When you are going to iron the original written batik cloth, you can also coat the top the batik shirt by using a thin cloth first. This will be especially useful in maintaining the softness of the fabric. If you want to be more secure, you can use a steam iron instead.

Storage of batik cloth must also be considered. You can store batik clothes by hanging them to avoid tangles and keep clothes looking neat. Hanging batik clothes can also be done to keep the folds of the clothes nice. This will maintain the elegant impression of the dress.