Will A Wool Hat Stretch? (Naturally Elastic)

A wool hat is often the go-to choice for keeping your head warm. But what happens when it starts to rain, and the hat gets wet?

Will it stretch out of shape? Yes, but only temporarily. It is naturally elastic, which allows it to stretch up and return to its original shape when it dries.

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This blog post will explore the answer to that question and more!

Will a Wool Hat Stretch

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The answer is YES – but only temporarily! Treat it gently to avoid overstretching.

Naturally Elastic

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Wool has a natural crimp (which gives it that twisty look) that allows it to stretch up to 30% without losing its shape–a bit like an elastic band.

But when it gets very wet, it can stretch up to 50% more. That is because water is denser than wool fibers and pushes them apart. The crimp of the wool fibers will also pull back together, making the hat look just like new!

Treat It Gently When Wet

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Even though wool is elastic, the fibers weaken when wet. If your wool hat gets stretched too much when wet, it might not return to its original shape.

You can roll it into a dry, clean towel and gently squeeze it. The towel will absorb most of the water. Then reshape it gently and let it air dry flat.

Excess Stretching Over Time

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While wool hats are great at keeping your head warm and dry, they have one potential drawback – excess stretching over time.

To prevent this, you can either be careful not to stretch your hat too much when wearing it or invest in a hat that’s been treated with a special elastic coating.

How to Stretch

Soak in Water

  1. First, wet your wool hat. You can do this by submerging it in a bowl or sink or running it under the tap.
  2. Once it’s wet, put it on your head, gently stretch it out, and pull it into a slightly bigger size.
  3. If it’s too tight, try putting it in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes. This will help loosen up the fibers and make the hat more pliable.
  4. Keep stretching and shaping the hat until it’s comfortable to wear.
  5. Please leave it to dry.

Use Hat Stretcher

You can also consider investing in a hat stretcher. This device can stretch the wool hat to its desired shape and then hold it there until it dries again–preventing further stretching.

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A wool hat is a great way to keep your head and ears warm in the winter. They come in many styles, including beanies, ball caps, and fedoras.

Wool is a natural fiber that comes from sheep or goats. It is breathable and moisture-wicking, which makes it a good choice for hats. They are also durable and can be machine-washed and dried.

What to Look for in a Wool Hat

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a wool hat.

Type of Wool

Different types of wool might have different uses.

For example, merino wool is the best wool for winter hats because it is warm, lightweight, and has good insulation properties. However, cashmere is a better option if you want a summer hat made out of wool because it is softer than merino and has a lighter weight.

The Size

You are measuring your head before purchasing is vital. Different hats will fit other leaders. The size of the hat you buy should be based on your head’s circumference, not your head’s size.

Some hats are adjustable, while others are not. Some hats may not be a good option if you have a large head or want a tight fit.

How to Measure Your Head for a Wool Hat

  1. To do this, fold a piece of paper in half and place it on top of your head. Mark the spot where the folded paper meets your skull.
  2. Make sure that you measure correctly – if you have a round head, consider that the hat will not fit as tightly around your ears.
  3. The next step is to find the hat size corresponding to this measurement. Most hats can be sized up or down one size, depending on how wide or narrow your head is compared to the average. For example, in clothing sizes 8 and 10, go with size 10 for a wool hat.
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