Will 80% Cotton Shrink? [Guide]

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, then you’ve probably asked yourself, “will 80% cotton shrink?” at least once in your life. We all dread shrinking our favorite items after spending time handcrafting them.

Will 80% Cotton Shrink? An Expert Guide

Let’s examine why and how fabric shrinks and what this means for 80% cotton fabric.

Why Does Fabric Shrink?

Fabric shrinks when exposed to heat and water because the heat causes the fibers to relax and contract, while the water swells them up temporarily before they dry and hire again.

This process is called felting or fulling, which is used to create felt-like fabrics like the ones used for hats or mittens.

In other words, washing your clothes in hot water or putting them in a hot dryer causes them to shrink—especially if they are made from natural fibers such as wool, silk, linen, or cotton.

Will 80% Cotton Shrink?

The answer is yes – but not necessarily as much as 100% cotton fabric will.

80% cotton won’t shrink as much because it has been blended with 20% synthetic fiber (usually polyester). This makes the fabric less likely to shrink since synthetic fibers don’t respond to heat and water, similarly to natural fibers.

However, it’s still possible for this type of fabric to shrink if exposed to high heat for an extended period – so make sure you read your care instructions carefully before washing any items made from 80% cotton!

How To Avoid Shrinking Your Fabric

Suppose you want to avoid shrinking your fabric altogether. There are two options: pre-wash your material using cold water (which will help relax some of the fibers) or skip washing thoroughly using a no-shrink spray on your fabric before sewing it together.

The latter option will help protect your fabric from shrinking during normal wear and tear—but be sure to read the directions carefully before applying any products directly onto your fabric!

In conclusion, 80% of cotton can shrink if exposed to enough heat or moisture.

However, it won’t shrink as much as 100% cotton fabrics due to its blend of synthetic fibers. To avoid shrinking altogether, pre-wash with cold water or use a no-shrink spray on your finished project before wearing it out into the world!

Regardless of what you decide to do with your fabrics, always make sure that you read all care instructions carefully beforehand. After all, nothing ruins an outfit faster than unexpected shrinkage!

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