Why Do Clothes Say Not To Use Fabric Softener? The Surprising Reason

If you’ve read the care label on your clothes, you’ve probably noticed that many say: “Do not use fabric softeners.”

So, why do clothes say not to use fabric softener? You should not use it on your clothes because it affects the fabric’s performance.

Why Do Clothes Say Not To Use Fabric Softener
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This blog post will discuss why and how it impacts your clothing.

While this may sound like a good thing, there are actually some drawbacks to using it on your clothes.

Why Do Clothes Say Not to Use Fabric Softener?

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The actual reason why you shouldn’t use it on your clothing is that it affects the cloth’s performance.


Less Absorbent

For one thing, fabric softeners can make your clothes less absorbent. This is because the oil used to coat the fabric will make it more difficult for water and sweat to be absorbed by the fabric.

This means they’ll take longer to dry and might be less effective at wicking away sweat.

Attract Dirt and Lint

The second reason is that it can make your clothes more likely to attract dirt and lint.

This is because the oil will make it easier for these things to stick to your clothes. If you wear dark clothing, this can be especially noticeable.

Damage the Fibers

The third reason you shouldn’t use it is that it can damage the fibers of your clothes.

The oil can cause the fibers to break down over time. This means that your clothes will not last as long as they would if you didn’t use the softener.

What Types of Cloth Products?

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So what types of cloth products put the label “Do not use fabric softeners?”


The first product is towels. Towels are made from absorbent materials, so fabric softeners can make them less effective at absorbing water.

This means they’ll take longer to dry and might not be as effective at drying you off.

Workout or Athleisure Garments

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Clothes that are meant to be absorbent, like workout clothes, should also not have the softener applied to them.

It is because it spoils the wicking feature of the fabric. The wicking draws sweat away from the body, keeping it dry. However, when the wicking fabric is coated with a softener, the wicking is compromised.


Diapers are the third type of product. Diapers are made from materials that need to be absorbent to work properly.

Using the softeners on diapers can make them less effective at absorbing urine and feces. This can lead to leaks and skin irritation.

They should also not be used on other absorbent materials like cloth menstrual pads.

The Alternative Ways to Wash and Soften Clothes

Some alternative ways to wash and soften your clothes don’t involve fabric softener.


One way is to use vinegar. Vinegar is a natural softener that can be added to your washing machine.

Just add a half cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle of your washing machine, which will help soften your clothes.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can be added to your washing machine along with your laundry detergent.

Just add a half cup of baking soda to your machine’s wash cycle, and it will help soften and freshen your clothes.

Air Dry

The fresh air and sunlight will help to soften your clothes naturally.

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