Who Owns Tiboyz Clothing? [FAQs]

Who Owns Tiboyz Clothing

If you’re a fashion enthusiast or simply curious about the ownership of Tiboyz Clothing, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the question of who owns Tiboyz Clothing and provide you with some interesting facts about the brand.

History of Tiboyz Clothing

Before we answer the question of ownership, let’s take a brief look at the history of Tiboyz Clothing. Founded in 2015, Tiboyz Clothing is a streetwear brand that offers a range of clothing items for men and women. The brand has quickly gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts due to its unique designs and high-quality materials.

The Owners of Tiboyz Clothing

Tiboyz Clothing is owned by two brothers, Tibor and Zoltan. The brothers were born and raised in Hungary and moved to the United States in pursuit of their dream of starting a clothing brand. They started Tiboyz Clothing in their garage, and it has since grown into a successful brand with a loyal following.

Why Tiboyz Clothing Stands Out

One of the reasons Tiboyz Clothing stands out is its commitment to using high-quality materials in its clothing items. The brand also offers unique designs that are not commonly found in other streetwear brands. Additionally, Tiboyz Clothing offers limited edition items, which adds to the exclusivity of the brand.


Where is Tiboyz Clothing based?

Tiboyz Clothing is based in Los Angeles, California.

Does Tiboyz Clothing offer international shipping?

Yes, Tiboyz Clothing offers international shipping.

Does Tiboyz Clothing have physical stores?

No, Tiboyz Clothing is an online-only store.

Does Tiboyz Clothing offer refunds?

Tiboyz Clothing offers refunds for items returned within 14 days of receipt.

Are Tiboyz Clothing items true to size?

Yes, Tiboyz Clothing items are true to size.

Does Tiboyz Clothing offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, Tiboyz Clothing offers wholesale pricing for retailers.

Does Tiboyz Clothing offer customization options?

Yes, Tiboyz Clothing offers customization options for certain items.

How often does Tiboyz Clothing release new items?

Tiboyz Clothing releases new items every season.

Pros of Tiboyz Clothing

Some of the pros of Tiboyz Clothing include its unique designs, high-quality materials, and limited edition items. The brand also offers international shipping and customization options for certain items.

Tips for Shopping at Tiboyz Clothing

When shopping at Tiboyz Clothing, it’s important to check the sizing chart before making a purchase, as some items may have different sizing than what you’re used to. Additionally, be sure to subscribe to the brand’s newsletter to stay up-to-date on new releases and sales.


Tiboyz Clothing is a streetwear brand owned by two brothers, Tibor and Zoltan. The brand offers unique designs, high-quality materials, and limited edition items, making it a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts. With international shipping and customization options, Tiboyz Clothing is a brand worth checking out.

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