White Batik Fabric By The Yard: Large Beautiful Selection, 100% Cotton

White Batik Fabric By The Yard is the right choice for anyone looking to purchase a large selection of 100% cotton fabric. There are over 20 different styles and patterns in both wholesale and retail quantities at prices that are affordable.

Whether you are a business that needs a large quantity of fabric for personal or commercial purposes, a homeowner who is trying to find the perfect color for your next project, or just looking for beautiful fabric to bring into your home, you will find the right fabric with White Batik.

From African Batik fabrics to colonial prints and bold geometric design styles, there is a wide variety of colors and styles so that everyone can find something they love. With an affordable price tag and fast delivery time, this fabric is perfect for any project.

White Batik Fabric By The Yard

White batik fabric, is a type of woven fabric from the Indonesian islands. It is traditionally made from cotton or silk thread using a wax dyeing and resist dyeing method. The white areas are created by a resist, and then the fabric is dyed. This is a method used to achieve patterns in the clothing of Indonesian batik. Batik fabrics are very durable and resist wrinkles even after repeated washings.

The resist is a tea tree oil based dye which is widely used in many areas. The fabric is then dyed using combinations of all natural plant dyes and waxes. This extra wax finish over the resist actually makes it more stain resistant and luxurious than the traditional batik fabrics made without such wax finish.

Areas of application include furniture, pillows, clothing, bedding, curtains, tablecloths and other home décor items; or clothing for both men and women.

100% cotton, available in many sizes and colors.

These fabrics are available in different sizes and many colors for your individual use. The white batik fabric by the yard is available in various styles including geometric designs and colonial prints. These have a wonderful traditional design. The cotton used to make these fabrics is of high quality and well suited for various kinds of home décor designs and clothing applications.

Large selection of designs to choose from.

Designers have a lot of options when they are designing their clothes. They can use fabric patterns, colors, and textures. These fabrics are available in different sizes and many colors. You can find the perfect combination of these fabrics at a very affordable price.

Durable fabric that is easy to care for

There are many reasons for the fabrics to wear out in time. The most important factor is the type of fabric used to make the clothes. Cotton is one of the most durable fibers, but it has a lot of issues such as attracting dust and dirt.

Therefore, you need to clean your cotton items after every use by washing them with a neutral soap, which lets you effectively wash away the dirt and dust. Washing your clothes in cold water is also very important. It will help remove any traces of moisture that can damage your clothing.

Great for any project – curtains, tablecloths, or even clothing!

We have white batik fabric by the yard for curtains, tablecloths or clothing. You can find a variety of red, yellow and orange colors. These all are these types of fabrics that offer a traditional look and are used for various projects such as curtains, tablecloths and clothing.

Affordable price tag – buys in bulk!

With quality cotton fabrics, you will be able to use them on many projects that you want to do. White batik fabric is available at wholesale prices which is great for those buying in bulk quantities.

Why is batik fabric so expensive?

Batik’s price varies depending on the designer, details in design and motifs used. While some hand drawn Batiks can be less detailed than stamped ones, there are also many intricate designs that require hours of careful drawing to create just one section for a garment.

The more time it takes to make each individual piece with precise detail makes this type of textile much more valuable.