Where To Donate Fabric Scraps Near Me [FAQs]

Where To Donate Fabric Scraps Near Me

Are you looking to declutter your sewing room or fabric stash? Donating your fabric scraps is a great way to give back to your community, reduce waste and help someone in need. Here are some tips on where to donate fabric scraps near you.

Local Quilting Guilds

Quilting guilds are a great place to start when looking to donate fabric scraps. Many guilds have charity projects that require fabric donations, and they may also be able to connect you with local organizations in need of materials.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores accept fabric donations in all shapes and sizes, including scraps. These donations are often sold at a discounted price to customers who may not be able to afford full yards of fabric, so your donation could go a long way!

Community Centers

Community centers often have art programs for children and adults in need. Donating your fabric scraps to these centers can help provide materials for art projects and workshops.

Homeless Shelters

Homeless shelters are always in need of warm blankets and clothing, and fabric scraps can be used to make these items. Consider donating your scraps to a local shelter to help those in need.


Many churches have sewing ministries that make items for those in need, such as prayer shawls or children’s clothing. Contact your local church to see if they would be interested in your fabric scraps.

Senior Centers

Senior centers often have sewing programs for their residents, and donations of fabric scraps can provide them with the materials they need to create their projects.

Local Schools

Art and home economics classes in schools often require fabric scraps for their projects. Contact your local school to see if they would be interested in your donation.

Women’s Shelters

Women’s shelters often have sewing programs to help their residents learn new skills and make items for themselves and their families. Consider donating your fabric scraps to a women’s shelter in your area.

Animal Shelters

Animal shelters can use fabric scraps to make bedding and toys for their animals. Consider donating your scraps to a local animal shelter to help provide comfort to animals in need.


Many hospitals have volunteer programs that make items for patients in need, such as blankets or hats for newborns. Contact your local hospital to see if they would be interested in your fabric scraps.


1. Can I donate any type of fabric scraps?

Yes, most organizations will accept any type of fabric scraps, including cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic materials.

2. Do I need to sort my fabric scraps before donating?

It’s helpful to sort your scraps by size and type, but it’s not required.

3. Will I receive a tax deduction for my fabric scrap donation?

Most organizations will provide you with a receipt that you can use for tax purposes.

4. How do I find organizations in my area that accept fabric scrap donations?

You can search online or contact local sewing groups and fabric stores for recommendations.

5. Can I donate partially used spools of thread with my fabric scraps?

It’s best to check with the organization first, but many will accept thread donations as well.

6. Are there any organizations that specifically accept small fabric scraps?

Yes, some organizations specialize in accepting small fabric scraps to use for quilting or other projects.

7. Can I donate fabric scraps that have been pre-washed?

Most organizations prefer unwashed fabric scraps, but it’s best to check with the organization first.

8. Can I donate fabric scraps that have holes or stains?

It’s best to only donate fabric scraps that are in good condition and can be used for projects.

Donating your fabric scraps is a great way to give back to your community and help those in need. Not only does it reduce waste, but it also allows others to create something beautiful and useful. Consider donating your fabric scraps today!


Donating fabric scraps helps reduce waste and benefits your local community.


Sort your fabric scraps by size and type before donating to make it easier for organizations to use them.


If you have fabric scraps to donate, there are many organizations in your local community that would welcome your contribution. From thrift stores to homeless shelters to quilting guilds, there are plenty of opportunities to give back and make a difference.

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