Where to Buy Maurice Salad Dressing: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Dressing

Based on the search results, there are a few options for buying Maurice salad dressing:

  1. Online
  • The Apothecary Kitchen ([1]) sells J.L. Hudson’s Maurice salad dressing online. This seems to be an authentic version of the dressing.
  • Amazon ([2]) used to sell J.L. Hudson’s Maurice dressing but it doesn’t appear to be available anymore. Some customers were looking for where to buy it.
  1. In grocery stores, especially in Michigan/Midwest
  • According to[3] and[7], Maurice dressing can be found in the salad dressing aisle or refrigerated sections of many local grocery stores in the Midwest.
  1. In restaurants, primarily in Michigan
  • Several Michigan restaurants serve Maurice salad with dressing, like Karl’s in Detroit ([3]). Oldschooldeli.com also sells the dressing ([3]).
  • National chains like Grand Traverse Pie Company ([8]) serve Maurice salad on their menus.

In summary, for an authentic J.L. Hudson’s dressing, buying online from The Apothecary Kitchen is probably the best option currently. Otherwise, checking grocery stores in Michigan or getting the salad at local restaurants may be good alternatives if you want to taste an authentic Maurice dressing. Buying online has the advantage of wider availability while in-store allows you to see/taste test before purchasing.

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