Where To Buy Jovani Dresses: A Comprehensive Guide [FAQs]

Where To Buy Jovani Dresses

Are you looking for the perfect Jovani dress for your special occasion? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the best places to purchase Jovani dresses, as well as some tips and pros to consider when choosing your dress.

Top Places To Buy Jovani Dresses

When it comes to purchasing a Jovani dress, there are several options to consider:

1. Jovani.com

For the widest selection of Jovani dresses, visit their official website. You can browse their entire collection and purchase directly from the site. Plus, you’ll have the assurance of buying directly from the designer.

2. Department Stores

Many department stores carry Jovani dresses, including Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Check your local stores or shop online for a selection of dresses.

3. Authorized Retailers

Jovani has a network of authorized retailers that carry their dresses. Visit their website to find a store near you or shop online with one of their authorized online retailers.


How do I know if a retailer is authorized to sell Jovani dresses?

You can check the list of authorized retailers on the Jovani website to make sure you’re buying from a legitimate retailer.

Can I order a Jovani dress directly from the designer?

Yes, you can purchase directly from Jovani’s website.

What sizes are available for Jovani dresses?

Jovani dresses come in a range of sizes, from 00 to 24.

Can I return a Jovani dress?

Return policies vary by retailer, so check with the store or website where you purchased your dress for their specific policy.

How do I care for my Jovani dress?

Follow the care instructions on the dress’s tag. In general, most Jovani dresses should be dry cleaned.

How do I choose the right size for my Jovani dress?

Jovani dresses tend to run small, so it’s recommended that you order a size up from your usual size.

Can I alter a Jovani dress?

Yes, many Jovani dresses can be altered to fit your specific measurements. However, it’s recommended that you work with a professional tailor to ensure the best fit.

How much do Jovani dresses cost?

Jovani dresses range in price depending on the style and retailer, but generally start at around $300 and can go up to several thousand dollars.

Pros of Buying a Jovani Dress

There are several pros to consider when choosing a Jovani dress:

  • A wide range of styles to choose from
  • High-quality fabrics and construction
  • The assurance of buying from a reputable designer

Tips for Choosing Your Jovani Dress

When choosing your Jovani dress, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider the occasion and dress code
  • Try on dresses in person, if possible, to ensure the best fit
  • Accessorize appropriately for a complete look


Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, there are several options for purchasing a Jovani dress. Consider the pros and tips mentioned in this article to help you choose the perfect dress for your special occasion.

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