What Shoes To Wear Rafting? Guide

Sandals or shoes with straps

Sandals or shoes with secure straps around the ankle and heel are recommended for rafting. The straps help keep the shoes on your feet in rapids or if you fall out of the boat. Popular brands like Chaco, Teva, and Keen make good rafting sandals.

Closed-toe shoes

Closed-toe shoes like old sneakers, hiking shoes, or water shoes can also work well. They offer more protection for your toes than sandals. Make sure they have good treads and aren’t too bulky.

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Avoid flip flops

Most sources recommend avoiding flip flops or slip-on water shoes that can easily come off. They don’t offer enough support or protection.

Consider warmth

If rafting in cold water, neoprene socks or booties can help keep feet warm when worn with sandals or shoes. In warm weather, focus on quick-drying and breathability.


Look for rubber soles with good treads to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. Softer rubber tends to be stickier.


Wear shoes that are already broken in to avoid blisters. Test new shoes before the trip.

Backup pair

Consider bringing an extra pair of shoes in case one gets lost or breaks.

Camp shoes

Pack a separate lightweight, comfortable pair of shoes just for wearing around camp.

Let me know if you need any other tips on choosing the right rafting footwear! I’d be happy to provide more details from the search results.

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