What Needle To Use For Sequin Fabric

What Needle To Use For Sequin Fabric

Sequin fabric is beautiful and sparkly, making it a popular choice for special occasion garments and costumes. However, it can also be a bit tricky to sew with. One of the most important things to consider when sewing sequin fabric is what type of needle to use. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about choosing the right needle for your sequin fabric project.

First, let’s talk about what needles to avoid when sewing sequin fabric. You should never use a universal needle or a ballpoint needle, as both of these can cause damage to the sequins or cause them to fall off. You should also avoid using a straight stitch needle, as this can cause the fabric to pucker.

Needle Types to Use

The best needles to use for sewing sequin fabric are sharp needles and microtex needles. Sharp needles have a very fine point and can easily pierce through the fabric without causing damage to the sequins. Microtex needles are also very fine and have a slightly rounded point, making them ideal for sewing delicate fabrics like sequin fabric.


Can I use a regular sewing machine to sew sequin fabric?

Yes, you can use a regular sewing machine to sew sequin fabric, but you need to make sure you are using the correct needle and thread.

What type of thread should I use?

You should use a high-quality polyester thread or a silk thread. Avoid using cotton thread, as it can break easily and is not strong enough for sequin fabric.

Do I need to use a special presser foot?

While you don’t necessarily need a special presser foot, using a roller foot can help prevent the sequins from getting caught in the foot and causing damage to the fabric.

Can I iron sequin fabric?

No, you should never iron sequin fabric. The heat can melt the sequins and cause them to warp or fall off.

How do I finish the edges of sequin fabric?

If you want to finish the edges of your sequin fabric, you can use a serger or a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine. Just be sure to use a sharp needle and go slowly to avoid damaging the sequins.

Can I wash sequin fabric?

It depends on the type of sequin fabric you have. Some can be hand washed or dry cleaned, while others are not washable. Always check the care instructions on your fabric before attempting to wash it.

Can I sew sequin fabric by hand?

Yes, you can sew sequin fabric by hand, but it can be time-consuming and difficult. Using a thimble and a sharp needle can help make the process easier.

What type of scissors should I use to cut sequin fabric?

You should use sharp fabric scissors or rotary cutters to cut sequin fabric. Avoid using regular scissors, as they can damage the sequins.


Some of the pros of using sharp or microtex needles for sewing sequin fabric include:

  • They are less likely to cause damage to the fabric or sequins
  • They create clean, precise stitches
  • They work well with delicate fabrics


Here are some tips to keep in mind when sewing sequin fabric:

  • Use a longer stitch length to prevent the fabric from puckering
  • Go slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the fabric or sequins
  • Use a walking foot if you have one, as this can help prevent the layers of fabric from shifting


When sewing sequin fabric, it’s important to use the right type of needle to avoid damaging the fabric or sequins. Sharp needles and microtex needles are the best options, while universal needles and ballpoint needles should be avoided. Use high-quality thread and a roller foot if possible, and go slowly and carefully to create clean, precise stitches.

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