What Is Katrina Fabric?

Katrina fabric appears to be a type of woven polyester fabric that is often used to make uniforms, scrubs, table covers, curtains, and other items.

Key points about Katrina fabric:

  • Made from 100% polyester[1]
  • Woven construction, not knitted[1]
  • Often used for uniforms, scrubs, table covers, curtains, etc. [1][3]
  • Touted as having good wear resistance, tear strength, and air permeability[1]
  • Comes in a wide range of colors[1]
  • Available in 60″ and 150cm widths[1][2]
  • Weights range from 140 g/m2 to 230g/m2[1][2]
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The fabric is said to be soft, thick, wrinkle resistant, and slightly stretchy. [2][3] Some descriptions also note that it is translucent or sheer. [2]

Katrina fabric appears to originate from Asia, with manufacturers and suppliers located in places like China, Taiwan, and the Philippines. [1][3][6]

While one result mentions it could be used for caps[4], most of the information focuses on uniforms, medical scrubs, table linens, and apparel uses. So it seems to be a versatile, easy-care fabric suitable for a range of end uses requiring durability and easy maintenance.

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