What Happened to Privo Shoes? Unraveling the Brand’s Journey


Privo was a line of comfortable and stylish shoes launched by the British footwear company C. & J. Clark (known for Clarks shoes) in the 1990s. The Privo brand focused on lightweight, flexible, and breathable shoes that provided a natural, “barefoot” feel[3][5].

Popularity and Decline

Privo shoes became very popular in the late 1990s and 2000s due to their innovative comfort features and fashionable designs. However, Clarks made the decision to discontinue the Privo line in 2019 amid shifting consumer trends and changes within the company[3][5].

Current Status

While some remaining Privo shoe stock can still be found with certain retailers, Clarks no longer manufactures or sells Privo branded shoes[3]. The company has shifted focus to other comfort shoe lines like Cloudsteppers.


Though Privo is no longer made, the shoes had an enduring impact due to their exceptional comfort and style. Other brands have stepped in to fill the void left by Privo’s discontinuation with similar lightweight and flexible shoe options[3]. The Privo brand demonstrated the potential in fusing practical comfort with aesthetically pleasing design in the footwear market.

So in summary – the popular Privo line was started then discontinued by Clarks shoes, but left a legacy of innovation that influenced later comfort shoe trends. Though new Privo shoes are no longer made, demand persists for their unique blend of comfort, style and versatility.

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