What Happened to Daisy Kingdom Fabric: The Story Behind the Brand’s Evolution

In the mid-1970s, a creative designer named Patti Read opened an innovative fabric store in Portland, Oregon called Daisy Kingdom[1].

The store promoted fabric sales by having Patti hand-draw whimsical patterns featuring childhood memories and lighthearted themes on brown paper bags for customers[1]. Daisy Kingdom became known for these charming printed fabric panels.

The Rise of Daisy Kingdom

In 1996, after two decades of success, Patti Reed sold Daisy Kingdom to Springs Industries, Inc, a South Carolina based textile company[2][12]. She continued working there as VP of Design for a few more years before opening her own independent design studio in Portland called Patty Reed Designs[1].

The Legacy Lives On

Though the original Daisy Kingdom brick-and-mortar store closed its doors in Portland in December 2004[1], Daisy Kingdom fabrics and sewing patterns live on today in sewing rooms and Etsy shops across America[2][6][8]. The vintage Daisy Kingdom fabric panels and doll clothes featuring retro prints and ruffles seem to recall historical fashions and evoke nostalgia for childhoods past[3][9].

Simplicity patterns continues to sell Daisy Kingdom designs for girls[5]. And major retailers like Amazon and specialty shops like EZ Knit Fabrics still offer Daisy Kingdom branded items[10][11]. The company or original owner’s involvement with the continued Daisy Kingdom production is unclear[7], but the vibrant fabrics and sewing patterns remain popular.

Vintage Charm Endures

While the Daisy Kingdom company has evolved over the decades from a small Portland fabric shop to a subsidiary of a large textile corporation to an enduring sewing brand, the core DNA persists[1][3][9]. The focus on imagination, whimsy, and childhood joy embodied by Patti Read’s original hand-drawn prints carries forward into today’s Daisy Kingdom panels and patterns[1][2]. Though the brand has changed hands, the vintage-inspired Daisy Kingdom aesthetic lives on in sewing rooms and Etsy stores, where the charm and creativity that defined Daisy Kingdom from the start continues to inspire crafters and sewists[2][6][8].

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