What Dress Size Was Rachel In Friends?

There is no definitive answer provided for Rachel’s dress size on Friends. However, here is a summary of the relevant information:

  • The red dress that Rachel wore in Season 7, Episode 18 was labeled as a size 12 (Result 1). This suggests Rachel’s size was around a 12, at least at that point in the show.
  • Jennifer Aniston was reportedly asked to lose 30 pounds before being cast as Rachel. The book “Generation Friends” states “she had to lose 30 pounds if she wanted to stay in Hollywood” (Result 3). This implies Jennifer Aniston was likely smaller than a size 12 when first cast.
  • Jennifer Aniston’s current clothing size is not publicly known, as she often wears custom or tailored outfits (Result 4). Her personal stylist works closely with her for perfect fits.
  • The black spaghetti strap dress inspired by Rachel is available for purchase, but no size information is given (Result 5).
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So in summary, there is evidence Rachel’s size was about a 12 in later seasons based on the labeled dress. But Jennifer Aniston’s size, both then and now, is not definitively known. Her clothing is often custom-made to fit her frame. So an exact size is difficult to determine.

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