What Does St Mary's Do With Clothing Donations [FAQs]

What Does St Mary's Do With Clothing Donations

Donating clothes to St Mary’s is a great way to declutter your home and help those in need. But have you ever wondered what happens to your clothing donation? In this article, we’ll explore what St Mary’s does with clothing donations and how your contribution can make a difference.

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St Mary’s is committed to supporting those in need, and clothing donations play a vital role in achieving that goal. Here’s what happens to your donation:


Each donation is sorted by volunteers to determine its quality and suitability for distribution. Clothes that are gently used, clean, and in good condition are set aside for distribution, while items that are torn, stained, or otherwise damaged are repurposed or recycled.


Once the clothing has been sorted, it is distributed to those in need. St Mary’s partners with local organizations, shelters, and churches to ensure that clothing donations reach those who need them most.


St Mary’s also operates thrift stores where gently used clothing is sold to support their charitable programs. The proceeds from thrift store sales go directly back into the community to fund programs and services that help those in need.


Clothing that cannot be distributed or sold is recycled through St Mary’s textile recycling program. The program reduces waste and supports sustainable practices while generating additional revenue to support St Mary’s charitable programs.


St Mary’s also provides educational resources to help individuals and families in need become self-sufficient. These resources include job training, financial counseling, and other programs designed to help people overcome barriers and achieve long-term success.

Volunteer Opportunities

St Mary’s relies heavily on volunteer support to achieve its mission. By donating your time and skills, you can help sort clothing donations, staff thrift stores, or provide other crucial support. Contact St Mary’s to learn more about volunteer opportunities in your area.

Donation Drives

St Mary’s also hosts donation drives to collect clothing and other items for those in need. These drives are often held in partnership with local businesses, schools, and community organizations.


In addition to its partnerships with local organizations, St Mary’s also collaborates with national and international organizations to provide support and resources to those in need around the world.

Donation Receipts

St Mary’s provides donation receipts to those who donate clothing and other items. These receipts can be used for tax purposes and serve as a record of your contribution to a worthy cause.

Thank You

St Mary’s is grateful for every donation, no matter how big or small. Your contribution helps support those in need and makes a positive difference in the community.


What types of clothing does St Mary’s accept?

St Mary’s accepts gently used clothing for men, women, and children, as well as shoes, accessories, and household items.

Can I donate clothing that is stained or torn?

St Mary’s prefers donations that are clean and in good condition. Clothing that is stained or torn may be repurposed or recycled.

Do I need to sort my clothing donations?

No, you do not need to sort your clothing donations. St Mary’s volunteers will sort them for you.

Can I donate clothing if I live outside of the area?

Yes, St Mary’s accepts clothing donations from anywhere. Contact your local St Mary’s chapter to learn more about donation options.

How do I schedule a donation pickup?

Contact St Mary’s to schedule a donation pickup. Pickup services are available in some areas.

Can I donate clothing at a St Mary’s thrift store?

Yes, St Mary’s thrift stores accept clothing donations during business hours.

Can I donate clothing for a specific cause or event?

St Mary’s accepts all clothing donations and distributes them based on need.

How do I become a volunteer?

Contact St Mary’s to learn more about volunteer opportunities in your area.


Donating clothing to St Mary’s is a great way to declutter your home, support those in need, and promote sustainable practices.


When donating clothing to St Mary’s, be sure to wash and fold it before donating. This helps ensure that your donation is clean and ready for distribution.


St Mary’s is committed to supporting those in need through clothing donations, thrift store sales, recycling programs, and education initiatives. By donating your gently used clothing and volunteering your time, you can help make a positive difference in the community.

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