Tips for Wearing a More Stylish Batik

More Hits Wearing Batik, These are Tips for Wearing a More Stylish Batik

Batik is a typical Indonesian fashion and is one of the cultural heritages that can no longer be ignored for its beauty. Each region has a distinctive and unique motif and model according to its cultural characteristics.

Widely used for modeling needs at fashion week, office events and also traditional events. This makes batik has an image that is only suitable for use in formal events. Sometimes using it in hangouts with friends is deemed less suitable and less attractive.

However, in today’s era not many people wear batik fashion for very trivial reasons. They think that wearing batik will make them old because so far we know that batik is only used in the form of cloth, kebaya and also made jarik.

Very ancient isn’t it? However, batik is one of the fashions that is actually very flexible and simple if used at any time. With breathable fabric, it is also comfortable to wear. But maybe those who are reluctant to wear it don’t know the trick.

The growing world of fashion develops interesting innovations using batik cloth. Starting from formal to informal clothes. That way, many young people are interested in wearing it. Modern design can indeed be an option.

Before heading to how to use it, let’s look at the tips first. Tips for choosing batik clothes that are more fashionable and look young. Of course, for women looking youthful is something important. Here are the tips,

1.Choose a bright color

The color of batik which is identical to dark brown makes young people look older if they use it. It’s true, so if you want to look younger, choose colors like pastel colors that are now popular among young people.

2.Model that follows the trend

Choose a unique batik model and motif according to you. To look younger than your age, choose a model with a unique motif to give a stylish look. For example, like the ruffle model and by using culottes.

3. Choose a motif according to the event

Each batik motif has a different cultural nuance. If you want to attend a formal event, you can wear motifs that look complicated and many. Because it shows a formal impression.

In addition, models with complex motifs will make the wearer look more mature. If you want to attend a birthday party with a casual theme, you can use a slightly simple and large-sized motif to show a non-formal impression.

After knowing the tips for choosing batik so it doesn’t look old, let’s change to find out how to wear batik clothes to make it look stylish and cool. Young people are guaranteed to be interested and have the desire to wear it. Here’s how, check it out!

1. Pair with plain bottoms

Mix and match batik tops and plain bottoms. By using plain bottoms, your outfit will look neutral. This dress model is suitable for use as an outfit for hangouts and informal events. Avoid using tops and subordinates with a full pattern because it will look excited and excessive so that it looks excessive.

2. Can you try adding accessories, maybe?

Batik motifs have a unique and distinctive feel. However, they still look beautiful if they mix and match with accessories in presenting an attractive appearance. For example, wearing a dress, you can add a belt or choker necklace with a simple design that will beautify your appearance.

3. A batik jacket with a casual style can really work.

Jackets are usually with a plain style. Most jackets do not use patterns that are too complicated but only a few patterns. Different when combined with batik motifs. It can be combined with a black or white t-shirt for a more casual look.

4. Formal dressing blazers seem friendlier

Blezer has become a must-have fashion for female office workers. The blazer is worn with an inside top with a neutral t-shirt. Most blenders also use plain colors. By using a batik blender, it will be more unique.

5. Mix and match with batik scarf

A scarf with a batik pattern can be used around the neck to make a vintage outfit. The scarf can also be worn on the shoulder, as a neckband, and looks more casual. Nowadays, many millennials use it for outfits to the beach, mountains or going to natural-smelling tours.

6. Batik patterned skirt

Skirts with batik motifs can be used for hangouts or formal events. Usually to hangout wearing a skirt with a model with a plain top looks beautiful and elegant. Batik skirts can also be used at the office, official events, and other events. Can add flat shoes to wear with a soft motif that will add to your beauty.