Is Pouring Medium The Same As Fabric Medium?

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Pouring Medium vs. Fabric Medium: What’s the Difference? Are you a fan of acrylic pouring or fabric painting? If so, you may have heard of pouring medium and fabric medium. But are they the same thing? Pouring medium is a type of paint additive that helps create a smooth, fluid consistency when mixed with acrylic paints. It’s great for creating a variety of techniques, including pouring, dripping, and splattering. On the other hand, fabric medium is specifically designed for use with fabric paints. It helps to soften and blend the colors into the fabric, making them more vibrant and long-lasting. So, while pouring medium can be used for fabric painting, it’s not the same as fabric medium. It all depends on the desired effect you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re a pouring enthusiast or a fabric painter, knowing the difference between these two mediums can help take your art to the next level.