Shrink Polyester Rug


Have you ever had a polyester rug that seemed to have shrunk after washing or accidentally exposing it to heat? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this dilemma. Shrinkage is a common problem with polyester rugs, but it can be easily avoided if you know what to do. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to shrink a polyester rug and answer some frequently asked questions about this issue.

Things To Know

Before attempting to shrink your polyester rug, there are a few things you should know first:

  • Polyester is a synthetic fabric that does not shrink as easily as natural fibers like cotton or wool. However, it is still possible to shrink polyester under certain conditions.
  • Heat is the primary factor that causes polyester to shrink. Exposure to high temperatures can cause the fibers to contract and cause your rug to become smaller.
  • Polyester rugs that are labeled as "machine washable" or "dry clean only" should be handled accordingly. Failure to follow the care instructions may result in shrinkage or damage to your rug.


Here are some tips on how to shrink your polyester rug:

  • Wash your rug in hot water: One way to shrink a polyester rug is to wash it in hot water. Make sure to set your washing machine to the hottest temperature, and add a small amount of detergent. After the wash cycle, dry the rug on high heat. The combination of hot water and high heat from the dryer can cause the fibers to contract and shrink your rug.
  • Use a steam iron: If you don’t want to wash your rug, you can use a steam iron to shrink it. First, lay the rug flat on an ironing board, and then use the steam function on your iron to apply heat to the fibers. Make sure to move the iron back and forth over the rug, focusing on the areas that you want to shrink. Once you’re done, let the rug cool down and check if it has shrunk to your desired size.
  • Use a hairdryer: Another way to shrink a polyester rug is to use a hairdryer. Wet the areas of the rug that you want to shrink with some water, and then use the highest setting on your hairdryer to apply heat. Make sure to keep the hairdryer moving over the rug to avoid overheating the fibers. Once you’re done, let the rug cool down and check if it has shrunk to your desired size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about shrinking polyester rugs:

  • Can I shrink a polyester rug that’s labeled as "dry clean only"? No, you should not attempt to shrink a polyester rug that is labeled as "dry clean only." The care label indicates that the rug is not suitable for washing or drying at home, and any attempts to do so may damage the rug.
  • Will my polyester rug shrink every time I wash it? No, polyester rugs do not shrink every time you wash them. Shrinkage only occurs under certain conditions, such as exposure to high temperatures or excessive agitation during washing.
  • How much will my polyester rug shrink? The amount of shrinkage depends on various factors, such as the composition of the rug, the temperature of the water or heat source, and the duration of the exposure. It’s difficult to predict how much your rug will shrink, so it’s best to test a small area first before attempting to shrink the entire rug.

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