Rectangle Tablecloth on Round Table [Styling Fit]

Have you ever wanted to dress your round table with a rectangular tablecloth? You’re not alone, as many people have struggled with this design problem.

Styling a Round Table with a Rectangle Tablecloth

While a square or round tablecloth is usually the obvious choice for these types of tables, learning how to style a round table with a rectangle tablecloth can be pretty beautiful.

Let’s know how!

The Most Flattering Fit

When determining the best fit for your rectangle tablecloth on your round table, it’s important to remember that size matters.

If the tablecloth is too small, it will look sloppy and unkempt; if it’s too big, you risk overwhelming the space. Aim for an oversized shape that drapes and pools slightly onto the floor—this will give an airy and romantic feel to your dining room setting.

To get the measurements right, measure from one corner of your round table diagonally through its center, then double this number. This should give you an idea of what size rectangular tablecloth to purchase.

Adding Interest with Color & Texture

Once you’ve found the perfect rectangular tablecloth for your round dining room table, it’s time to add some color and texture!

Playing around with patterns can be fun because they instantly change a room’s look.

Try combining different colors and patterns—pair solids with florals or stripes mixed with polka dots—to make even more exciting combinations.

When pairing multiple prints together, make sure they are unified by color palette so that everything still looks cohesive and pulled together.

A Touch of Elegance

After playing around with color and texture, why not add subtle elegance?

Dress up an ordinary rectangle tablecloth on a round dining room table by adding fringe or tassels around its perimeter for extra visual interest. Make sure these decorative elements align with other existing factors in the space so that everything remains cohesive in style and décor.

You could also go for something more understated, like placing votive candles throughout or adorning each place setting with delicate napkin rings for added sparkle!

Styling a round dining room table with a rectangle tablecloth can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating!

All you need is knowledge of how best to measure and fit your rectangle cloth on top of your circular surface, followed by tips on bringing texture and color into play before adding some subtle touches of elegance at the end.

With these design tips in mind, you’ll soon be able to create picture-perfect dinner parties without fuss!

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