Petal Party Batiks: A Stunning Line of Batik-Inspired Textile

Petal Party Batiks are a stunning line of batik textiles that have been inspired by the traditional Indonesian art form.

The story behind Petal Party Batiks is one of love, family and tradition. A father passed on his passion for designing batik to his daughter who in turn created her own design company with it called Petal Party Batiks.

Today, Petal Party Batiks offers artistic textile designs that can be used in both commercial and residential settings as well as custom orders from start to finish, including pattern development!

The line includes 15 gorgeous, hand-dyed fabrics that will make it easy to add bright color and pattern to your home décor projects. Whether you’re looking for bold, geometric shapes or florals and paisley designs, Petal Party has something for everyone!

Petal Party Batiks are the newest addition to our line of stunning textiles, and each one is inspired by nature. These pieces include hand-dyed cotton fabrics in a wide variety of colors like Peacock Blue, Flamingo Pink, Lemon Yellow and many more. There’s something for everyone!

Petal Party Batiks

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Whether you’re looking for a new textile to decorate your home or are interested in an artful gift, Petal Party Batiks could be just what you need this season.

The company’s stunning line of batik textiles has been inspired by the traditional Indonesian craft and is available now on their website.

We hope that our little peek into these beautiful pieces was enough to get you excited about adding them to your next purchase!


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