How Wide is a Yard of Fabric at Joann?

A yard of fabric at Joann is typically 36 inches wide. However, it’s important to note that not all fabrics at Joann have the same width:

  • The most common width for fabrics at Joann is 36 inches for a yard. This is stated in several of the search results[1][4][7].
  • Some fabrics may be slightly narrower or wider than 36 inches, ranging from around 40-45 inches[6]. Specialty fabrics like trims could be narrower.
  • Wider width fabrics are available at 90 and 108 inches, often used for quilt backs[3][6].
  • It’s best to measure the fabric you are purchasing to confirm the exact width, as it can vary[6]. Retractable tape measures are useful for this.
  • If you need fabric to be exactly 36 inches wide, request it specifically from the staff when purchasing your yardage[8]. Or request slightly more than needed.
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So in summary, while 36 inches is the common width, always check the particular fabric you are buying at Joann for the exact measurements. And feel free to ask staff if you need very precise yardage. Having a tape measure on hand is also a good idea before purchasing.


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