How To Make Roblox Clothes For Free [FAQs]

How To Make Roblox Clothes For Free

Roblox is one of the most popular online games in the world, with millions of players logging in every day to play and create new content. One of the most exciting things about Roblox is the ability to create and customize your own avatar. In this article, we will show you how to make Roblox clothes for free.

Step 1: Choose Your Clothing Template

The first thing you need to do is choose a clothing template. You can find these in the “Create” section of the Roblox website. There are many templates to choose from, including shirts, pants, and t-shirts. Pick one that you like and click on it to open the template.

Step 2: Customize Your Design

Once you have your template, it’s time to start customizing. You can use the Roblox Studio to create your design, or you can use a program like Photoshop or GIMP. Make sure to keep the Roblox clothing guidelines in mind when designing your clothes, as they have specific requirements for size and format.

Step 3: Upload Your Design

When your design is complete, save it as a PNG or JPG file. Then, go back to the Roblox website and click on the “Create” tab. From there, select the type of clothing you created and click on “Choose file” to upload your design.

Step 4: Publish Your Clothing

Once your design is uploaded, you can preview it to make sure it looks the way you want it to. If you’re happy with the design, click on the “Create” button to publish your clothing. Your clothes will now be available for other Roblox players to purchase and wear.


Do I have to pay to make Roblox clothes?

No, you can make Roblox clothes for free.

Can I use any image for my Roblox clothes?

No, you need to follow the Roblox clothing guidelines for size and format.

Can I sell my Roblox clothes?

Yes, you can sell your clothes on the Roblox marketplace.

How long does it take for my clothes to be approved?

It can take up to three business days for your clothes to be approved.

Can I edit my clothes after they are published?

Yes, you can edit your clothes at any time by going to the “Create” section of the Roblox website.

How much can I charge for my Roblox clothes?

The price of your clothes is up to you, but Roblox takes a percentage of the sale.

Do I need any special skills to make Roblox clothes?

No, you just need to be able to create a design and follow the Roblox clothing guidelines.

Can I make clothes for other people?

Yes, you can make clothes for other people, but you will need to have their permission to use their design.


Making Roblox clothes is a great way to express your creativity and share your designs with other players. It’s also a way to make some extra Robux if you sell your clothes on the marketplace.


When designing your clothes, keep in mind the Roblox clothing guidelines. This will ensure that your clothes are approved and can be worn by other players.


Making Roblox clothes for free is easy and fun. Just follow the steps outlined in this article and you’ll be on your way to creating your own unique clothing designs. Remember to follow the guidelines and have fun!

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