How To Make Linen Fabric Spiritfarer

How To Make Linen Fabric Spiritfarer

If you’re a fan of the game Spiritfarer, you may have noticed that linen fabric is an important resource for crafting various items. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of making your own linen fabric in Spiritfarer.

The first step in making linen fabric is to acquire flax fibers. These can be found by harvesting flax plants, which can be grown on your boat. Once you’ve harvested enough flax, you’ll need to process it into flax fibers using the loom.

Once you have your flax fibers, you’ll need to craft them into linen thread. To do this, you’ll need to use the loom again. Place the flax fibers into the loom and wait for them to turn into linen thread.

Now that you have your linen thread, you can finally craft linen fabric. Head over to your crafting table and select “Linen Fabric” from the list of available items. You’ll need to have at least one linen thread in your inventory in order to craft the fabric.

Congratulations, you now have your very own linen fabric! You can use this to craft a variety of items in Spiritfarer, including clothing and furniture. Keep in mind that some items may require more than one piece of linen fabric, so make sure to stock up!

If you find yourself needing more linen fabric than you can produce with your current loom, consider upgrading it at the foundry. This will allow you to produce more linen thread at a time, making the process more efficient.

If you’re struggling to produce enough linen fabric on your own, consider trading for it with other characters. You can find linen fabric for sale at various shops throughout the game, or you may be able to trade for it with other characters.

Can I grow flax on my boat?

Yes, you can grow flax on your boat. Simply plant the flax seeds in a planter and wait for them to grow.

How many flax fibers do I need to make linen thread?

You’ll need one flax fiber to make one linen thread.

How long does it take to craft linen fabric?

Crafting linen fabric takes a few seconds, so it’s a relatively quick process.

Can I use linen fabric to make anything besides clothing and furniture?

Yes, there are a variety of items in Spiritfarer that require linen fabric, including some boat upgrades and kitchen items.

Can I sell linen fabric for Glims?

Yes, you can sell linen fabric at various shops throughout the game for Glims.

Can I trade for linen fabric with other characters?

Yes, some characters may be willing to trade linen fabric for other items or resources.

Do I need to upgrade my loom to make linen fabric?

No, you can make linen fabric with the basic loom. However, upgrading your loom can make the process more efficient.

How do I know how much linen fabric I need for a specific item?

When selecting an item to craft, the amount of linen fabric required will be listed in the crafting menu.


Making your own linen fabric allows you to save Glims and resources by not having to purchase it from shops or trade for it with other characters.


Make sure to harvest your flax plants regularly to ensure a steady supply of flax fibers.

Consider upgrading your loom early on to make the process of making linen fabric more efficient.

Don’t forget to stock up on linen fabric, as some items require multiple pieces.


By following these steps, you can easily make your own linen fabric in Spiritfarer. With a steady supply of flax fibers and a little bit of patience, you’ll be able to craft all sorts of items in no time.

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