How to Make Easy Batik Paper

A Viral New Hobby, Here’s How to Make Easy Batik Paper

Are you looking for a new hobby while at home? This time, we will discuss about how to make easy batik paper. So, you can try to make it to fill your spare time.

Getting to know Batik Paper

The use of batik paper is currently increasingly popular in the community. You can find various paper batik motifs used as gift wrapping paper, batik paper bags, to batik paper used as wall decorations.

Of course, the use of batik paper is good news because more and more people like it. Batik is one of the Indonesian cultures that can show the nation’s identity.

Indonesian batik motifs are very diverse, not only made in cloth media. However, it can be made in paper media, as is currently popular. So, paper batik will be more interesting if you can make it yourself.

How to Make Paper Batik

Well, earlier we were acquainted with batik paper. Next, we will discuss how to make batik paper that you need to know, as follows:

1.Prepare Tools and Materials

First, you have to prepare tools and materials. Of course, you don’t need to worry because the tools and materials needed are very simple and easy to obtain.

You can prepare HVS paper for the image media. HVS paper makes it easy for you to draw the batik pattern you want. You can also use other drawing paper as you wish.

You also need to prepare a sharp pencil, eraser and ruler. If you want to get a more interesting look, you can prepare colored pencils for the coloring stage later.

Thus, the tools and materials you need to prepare and now we go to the next step.

2. Draw the Pattern You Want

Now, you come to the most important stage. Try to start drawing the batik pattern you want. You can get inspiration from your own imagination or look for examples of paper batik images on the internet.

This process requires patience and thoroughness so that you can draw well. Preferably, before drawing a batik pattern you need to draw a rectangle on HVS paper. The rectangular image can be used as a border frame.

The border frame serves to make it easier for you when drawing batik patterns. Thus, the image of the batik pattern can look more presentable and beautiful to the eye.

To make it neater, you can make a grid in the form of square boxes. The grid will help you draw batik patterns. You can start by crossing each square.

If you have given a neat cross line, then you are ready to draw the beautiful batik pattern you want with these auxiliary lines. Please try yes. You sure can.

3. Coloring If Needed

After the batik pattern has been completed. If you want to give a beautiful feel then you can color the batik pattern. You can adjust the color of the batik pattern to the color you like.

You can give soft colors or bold colors. Just choose according to your taste. It would be nice if you could give it some pretty colors.

Well, after the coloring process, your batik paper is finished. You can already use it.

Creativity from Batik Paper

Your paper batik is ready, now you can use it for various creativity, as follows:

1.Used for Wall Decoration

You can use the batik paper you made to decorate the walls of the room. Of course, you will need drawing paper that can be pasted on. So, you can more easily stick it on the wall.

Of course, this is very fun because you can see the work you made on the walls of your room. Choose drawing paper with good quality so that it is more durable.

2. Make a Paper Bag

If you are a paper bag lover, then you can make the batik paper as a paper bag material. You can fold it to form a beautiful paper bag. So, you don’t need to buy it again.

Paper batik bags can be unique because other people don’t have them. The paper batik bag or paper bag that you make has special value because you make it yourself.

3.Gift Wrapping Paper

You can also use the batik paper you made as gift wrapping paper. It’s just that you need a larger paper media. Of course, the person who received the gift from you will be happy to get your best work.

Thus, how to make batik paper that you need to know. Surely this activity can be something fun. You can work and make batik patterns according to your wishes. Let’s try, you can invite your family to make it.