How To Make Bell Bottoms With Fabric

How To Make Bell Bottoms With Fabric

Do you want to create a unique and stylish pair of bell bottoms? Look no further! Follow these simple steps to make your very own bell bottoms with fabric.

Before getting started, choose the fabric you want to use. You can choose any fabric you like, but make sure it’s lightweight and has a good drape.

Take your measurements for the waist, hips, and inseam. These measurements will help you determine how much fabric you need and how to cut it.

Cut your fabric according to your measurements. Make sure to leave extra fabric for the hem and waistband.

Place the fabric right sides together and sew the legs together, starting from the inseam and ending at the hem.

To create the bell bottoms, mark a line on the outside of each leg, starting at the knee and ending at the hem. Sew along this line, gradually widening the stitch as you go down towards the hem.

Cut a piece of elastic to fit your waist and sew it into a loop. Fold the top of the pants over the elastic and sew it in place, leaving a small opening to insert the elastic. Once the elastic is inserted, sew the opening shut.

Hem the bottom of the pants to your desired length. You can make them as long or short as you like.

Finish the pants by trimming any loose threads and ironing them to give them a crisp finish.


What type of fabric should I use?

You can use any fabric you like, but make sure it’s lightweight and has a good drape.

Do I need to use a pattern?

No, you don’t need to use a pattern. You can create your own pattern by taking your measurements and drawing out the shape of the pants on paper.

Can I make the bell bottoms wider?

Yes, you can make the bell bottoms as wide as you like. Just remember to gradually widen the stitch as you sew down towards the hem.

Do I need a sewing machine?

No, you can sew the pants by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine. It may take longer, but it’s still doable.

Can I add pockets?

Yes, you can add pockets if you like. Just make sure to cut them out and sew them onto the pants before sewing the legs together.

Can I make the waistband adjustable?

Yes, you can make the waistband adjustable by adding a drawstring or buttons.

How long will it take to make the pants?

The time it takes to make the pants will depend on your sewing skills and how much experience you have. It could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Can I make these pants for kids?

Yes, you can make these pants for kids by taking their measurements and adjusting the size of the fabric accordingly.


Making your own bell bottoms allows you to create a unique and personalized style that you won’t find in stores. Plus, you’ll save money by making them yourself instead of buying them.


When cutting your fabric, make sure to cut it straight and follow the grain of the fabric. This will ensure that your pants hang correctly and don’t twist or turn.


Making bell bottoms with fabric is a fun and easy project that anyone can do. With the right tools and materials, you can create a unique and stylish pair of pants that you’ll love wearing. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have a new addition to your wardrobe in no time!

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