How To Make A Burping Cloth [FAQs]

How To Make A Burping Cloth

Babies are cute and adorable, but they can also be messy. One of the most common problems new parents face is burping their babies. A burping cloth is a must-have item for any new parent. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a burping cloth.

Materials Needed

Before you start making your burping cloth, you will need the following materials:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Terry cloth
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Pins
  • Iron

Steps to Make a Burping Cloth

Follow these steps to make your own burping cloth:

Step 1: Cut the Fabric

Cut the cotton fabric and terry cloth into rectangles. The size of the rectangle is up to you, but a good size is around 10 inches by 18 inches.

Step 2: Pin the Fabric Together

Place the cotton fabric and terry cloth together, with the right sides facing each other. Pin the fabric together around the edges.

Step 3: Sew the Fabric Together

Sew the fabric together, leaving a small gap for turning. Turn the fabric right side out through the gap and press with an iron.

Step 4: Finish the Edges

Sew the gap closed and finish the edges with a zigzag stitch or serger.

Step 5: Wash and Use

Wash the burping cloth before use. It is now ready to use for burping your baby!


What is a burping cloth?

A burping cloth is a cloth used to protect your clothes from spit-up and other messes while burping your baby.

How many burping cloths do I need?

It’s a good idea to have several burping cloths on hand, as babies tend to spit up frequently.

Do I need to use terry cloth for the burping cloth?

No, you can use any absorbent fabric for the burping cloth. Terry cloth is a good choice because it absorbs well, but you can also use flannel or other absorbent fabrics.

Can I decorate my burping cloth?

Yes, you can add embroidery, applique, or other decorations to your burping cloth to make it unique and personalized.

How do I clean my burping cloth?

Wash your burping cloth in warm water with a mild detergent. You can machine dry or air dry.

Can I make a burping cloth without a sewing machine?

Yes, you can sew the burping cloth by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine.

How long does it take to make a burping cloth?

It should take around 30 minutes to make a burping cloth.

Are burping cloths reusable?

Yes, burping cloths are reusable and can be washed and used again and again.


Making your own burping cloth is a cost-effective way to have plenty of burping cloths on hand. You can also customize them to match your baby’s nursery or your personal style.


When choosing fabric for your burping cloth, look for fabrics that are absorbent, soft, and durable.


Making your own burping cloth is easy and cost-effective. By following these simple steps, you can have plenty of burping cloths on hand to keep your baby and your clothes clean.

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