How To Keep Foundation From Rubbing Off On Clothes


Have you ever experienced the frustration of spending time perfecting your makeup, only to have it rub off onto your clothes throughout the day? Fear not, there are ways to prevent this makeup mishap from happening. In this article, we’ll cover some important things to know, helpful tips, and answer frequently asked questions about how to keep foundation from rubbing off on clothes.

Things To Know

Before we dive into the tips, here are a few important things to keep in mind when it comes to preventing foundation transfer onto clothing:

  • The type of foundation you use can impact the likelihood of it rubbing off onto clothing. Matte and long-wearing formulas tend to stay put better than dewy or light coverage formulas.
  • The fabric of your clothing can also make a difference. Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon tend to attract and hold onto makeup more than natural fibers like cotton or linen.
  • Body heat and sweat can also cause makeup to transfer onto clothing. This is especially true in hot and humid climates.


Now that you know some key factors that can contribute to foundation transfer, let’s dive into some tips on how to keep it from rubbing off on your clothes:

  • Set your foundation with a powder: After applying foundation, use a brush or sponge to lightly dust translucent powder over your face. This will help set the foundation and prevent it from transferring onto clothing.
  • Use a setting spray: Setting sprays are designed to help keep makeup in place. After applying makeup, hold the setting spray a few inches away from your face and mist it all over. Allow it to dry before putting on clothing.
  • Wait before getting dressed: Give your makeup a few minutes to set and dry before getting dressed. This will give it a better chance of staying put.
  • Blot excess oil: Throughout the day, use blotting papers or a clean tissue to blot excess oil from your face. This will help prevent makeup from transferring onto clothing.
  • Avoid touching your face: The more you touch your face, the more likely it is that makeup will transfer onto clothing. Try to avoid touching your face throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have about preventing foundation from rubbing off onto clothing:

  • Can I use hairspray to set my makeup? While some people swear by using hairspray as a makeup setting spray, it’s not recommended. Hairspray can be irritating to the skin and can cause breakouts. Stick to using products specifically designed for setting makeup.
  • Will using a primer help prevent foundation transfer? Yes! Primers are designed to create a smooth base for makeup and help it last longer. Using a primer can help prevent foundation from rubbing off onto clothing.
  • Is there a specific way to wash clothing to remove foundation stains? Yes. First, dab the stain with a makeup remover wipe or rubbing alcohol to help break it down. Then, wash the clothing in cold water using a gentle detergent. Avoid using hot water, as this can cause the stain to set.

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