How To Hem Stretchy Fabric By Hand? [FAQs]

Stretchy fabrics have become increasingly popular in the fashion industry, thanks to their soft texture, comfortable fit, and flexibility. However, hemming such fabrics can be a daunting task, especially for beginners.

Hemming Stretchy Fabric: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re wondering how to hem stretchy fabric by hand, this guide is for you.

Hand Stitching Techniques for Stretch Fabrics

Hand stitching is an excellent way to hem stretchy fabrics since it allows you to control the tension and avoid stretching the fabric.

Here are some hand stitching techniques that you can use:

  • Backstitch: This is a basic stitch that is perfect for hemming stretchy fabrics. It involves sewing backward and forward to create a strong and flexible seam.
  • Zigzag stitch: This stitch is ideal for fabrics that have a lot of stretch, such as spandex or lycra. It creates a flexible and durable seam that can withstand the fabric’s stretch.
  • Blind stitch: This stitch is perfect for creating an invisible hem on stretchy fabrics. It involves sewing the fabric from the inside and catching only a few threads on the outside.

Master the Art of Hemming Stretchy Fabrics by Hand

Hemming stretchy fabrics by hand requires patience, practice, and attention to detail.

Here are some tips to help you master the art of hemming stretchy fabrics by hand:

  • Use the right needle: Choose a needle that is specifically designed for stretch fabrics. A ballpoint needle is an excellent choice since it can slide between the fabric’s fibers without damaging them.
  • Cut the fabric with a sharp pair of scissors: A dull pair of scissors can fray the fabric and make it difficult to hem. Make sure to use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the fabric.
  • Use a stabilizer: A stabilizer can help prevent the fabric from stretching while you’re hemming it. You can use a piece of tissue paper or a strip of interfacing as a stabilizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hem stretchy fabric using a sewing machine?
Yes, you can hem stretchy fabric using a sewing machine. However, it’s essential to use the right needle and stitch to avoid damaging the fabric.

How do I prevent the hem from puckering?
To prevent the hem from puckering, use a stabilizer, sew slowly, and avoid pulling the fabric while you’re sewing.

Can I use fabric glue to hem stretchy fabric?
Yes, you can use fabric glue to hem stretchy fabric. However, it’s essential to choose a glue that is specifically designed for stretch fabrics.

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