How to Easily Remove Wrinkles from Your Pleated Skirt

Here are some tips for removing wrinkles from a pleated skirt:

If the skirt is made of cotton, linen, or a natural fabric:

  • Use an iron on the appropriate heat setting for the fabric. Place the skirt on an ironing board and iron the flat surfaces first before moving to the pleats[1].
  • Lift each pleat, press the iron down for 5 seconds, then pull upward to set the pleat. Use pins, clips, or paperclips to hold the pleats in place while ironing[11].
  • Raise the iron above each pleat and press the steam button to release steam onto the pleats. Let them cool completely before moving to prevent new creases[1].
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If the skirt is made of polyester or another synthetic fabric:

  • Use a garment steamer to relax wrinkles while avoiding direct heat that may damage the fabric[2][15]. Gently pull down on pleats while steaming to reshape them if needed.
  • Toss the skirt in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes with a damp towel to create steam[8]. Check often to avoid over-drying.
  • Iron very carefully on the lowest heat setting if the fabric allows, using a pressing cloth between the iron and fabric[2].
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For delicate fabrics like silk or wool:

  • Use a garment steamer, holding it above the fabric to relax wrinkles via steam[9]. Reshape pleats by hand while steaming if needed.
  • Hang the skirt in a steamy bathroom while showering to relax wrinkles via ambient steam[3].
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General tips:

  • Allow pleated garments to dry thoroughly before wearing or storing to prevent new wrinkles from forming[1].
  • Store pleated clothes with extra space in the closet to minimize wrinkling[1].
  • Take heavily wrinkled or damaged pleats to the dry cleaner for professional pressing[6][16].

In summary, use an iron carefully on cottons/linens, a steamer for synthetics and delicates, and always allow pleated items to dry fully before wear or storage. Reshape pleats by hand during steaming/ironing and use clips to hold shapes. For severe wrinkles, consider professional pressing at a dry cleaner.


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