How to Get Linen Fabric in Spiritfarer: A Guide for Crafting and Trading

Welcome to our guide on how to obtain linen fabric in Spiritfarer! As you progress through the game, you’ll quickly realize how important this resource is for crafting and upgrading various items.

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about linen fabric in Spiritfarer, including its definition, purpose, and how to obtain it. We’ll also provide tips on efficiently obtaining linen fabric, crafting advanced items, and using it in quests. So without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Obtain Linen Fabric in Spiritfarer


If you want to obtain linen fabric in Spiritfarer, farming is one of the primary methods you can use.

The first step in farming for linen fabric is to build your farm. You can do this by obtaining the blueprint from the Shipwright or by finishing the corresponding quest. Once your farm is up and running, you can start growing crops like flax and cotton. These can be harvested and then turned into fiber using the loom, which is found in the crafting menu.

If you’re looking for another way to obtain linen fabric in Spiritfarer, consider raising small and large silkworms on your farm. These insects produce silk cocoons that can be transformed into silk thread, which can then be combined with fiber to create high-quality linen fabric.

With a little patience and effort, you’ll be able to produce your own supply of linen fabric and add an additional layer of self-sufficiency to your gameplay experience.

ResourceHow to obtain
FlaxCan be grown in the field
CottonCan be grown in the field
Silkworm cocoonRaise small or large silkworms on your farm

Optimizing Your Farming Strategy

Here are some tips to help you farm more efficiently:

  • Plant crops that can be harvested quickly so that you can create fiber faster.
  • Organize your farm so that it’s easy to navigate and manage. You can use fences to keep your animals in a specific area.
  • Upgrade your farm to increase your crop yield and the number of animals you can keep.


Exploring islands can be a great way to gather the resources you need in Spiritfarer, including linen fabric. To increase your chances of obtaining such items, it’s best to focus on islands where the resource is most abundant.

Some of the islands where you can frequently find linen fabric include: [insert list of islands here]. By prioritizing these locations during your explorations, you’ll be able to gather enough linen fabric to meet your crafting needs.

Island NameLinen Fabric Availability
Greymist PeaksLow-Medium

Once you have found an island with linen fabric, you can collect it by interacting with the glowing plants that grow on the island. These plants are easy to spot as they have a distinct light-blue color.

It’s important to remember that exploring islands in Spiritfarer can be unpredictable, and finding the resources you need may take time. However, the experience of exploring new islands can be very rewarding and exciting, and you may even discover new resources that you didn’t know existed.


Trading is another way to obtain linen fabric in Spiritfarer. There are several characters in the game who will exchange items for resources, including linen fabric.

Note: To trade, you must first complete the related character’s quest or task to unlock their trading ability.

Here are some of the characters who will exchange resources for linen fabric:

CharacterLocationResources Required
GiovanniVilla Maggiore50 Glims and 5 Linen Fabric
FerrymasterAltogether Elsewhere Night Market2 Obols and 3 Linen Fabric
AstridHummingberg3 Linen Fabric and 2 Silk Fabric

Before entering into a trade for linen fabric in Spiritfarer, it’s important to take a few key considerations into account. Assess the resources you plan to trade, as well as the quantity of linen fabric you require, in order to ensure that you’re negotiating a favorable deal.

And don’t hesitate to walk away from an unfavorable trade, as there may be better opportunities to come. With some careful planning and a bit of patience, you’ll be able to strike the best possible deal for your needs.

How to Use Linen Fabric in Spiritfarer: Crafting

Here’s a guide on how to use it:

Crafting Basic Items

To craft basic items using linen fabric, head to your workshop. Once there, you can use linen fabric to create items such as:

ItemMaterials Required
Simple Sheet1 Linen Fabric, 2 Cotton Fiber
Clean Sweater2 Linen Fabric, 1 Cotton Thread
Linen Bed Sheet3 Linen Fabric, 1 Iron Ingot

Make sure you have enough linen fabric and other required materials before attempting to craft.

Crafting Advanced Items

To produce high-quality items like Linen Thread and Linen Fabricate in Spiritfarer, unlocking the necessary blueprints is crucial. You can accomplish this by upgrading your Workshop as well as tackling any related quests.

With the right combination of effort and strategy, you’ll be well on your way to creating some of the game’s most intricate and valuable items.

“The Linen Thread is used to upgrade the Loom, which in turn produces Linen Fabricate, as well as some other advanced fabrics.” – Gwen

Once you have unlocked the blueprints, you can craft advanced items using linen fabric. Here’s a guide on some advanced items you can create:

ItemMaterials Required
Linen Thread4 Linen Fiber
Linen Fabricate2 Linen Thread, 2 Silk Thread, 2 Wool Thread
Linen Seeds2 Linen Fabric, 1 Ash Plank

Take note that advanced items require more resources and time to create. Make sure you have enough materials and plan accordingly.

In Summary

Utilize the precious linen fabric in Spiritfarer to create a plethora of basic and advanced items. Begin with the basic ones, then progressively build up to more intricate blueprints.

To unlock the advanced blueprints, ensure that your workshop is upgraded and complete all relevant quests.

How to Store Linen Fabric in Spiritfarer

Storing linen fabric is essential for managing your inventory in Spiritfarer. It can be overwhelming to have too many resources taking up valuable space on your ship, so it’s important to know how to store them efficiently.

The main storage options available in Spiritfarer are:

Storage typeDescription
ChestsYou can build chests on your ship to store your resources. You can access them anytime you’re on your ship, and they can be upgraded to store more items.
SiloYou can build a silo on your farm to store resources produced by your farm. It can store a large amount of resources and can be upgraded for additional storage space.
ShelvesYou can build shelves in your cabins to store resources that are required for crafting. They are especially useful for storing resources that you frequently use.

It’s important to organize your resources efficiently to save time when searching for them. You can use labels to identify what items are stored in each chest and sort them based on the type of resource or their intended use.

Remember that resources stored in chests or shelves can be accessed from any location on the ship, while resources stored in the silo can only be accessed on your farm.

Tips for Efficiently Obtaining Linen Fabric in Spiritfarer

1. Farming Tips

To optimize your farming efforts, consider the following tips:

Choose the right cropPlant flax seeds to get the highest yield of linen fabric per harvest.
Upgrade your farmUpgrading your farm will increase your yield per harvest and decrease the time it takes to grow your crops.
Use fertilizerFertilizer will improve your crop yield and decrease the time it takes for your crops to grow.

2. Exploring Tips

To increase your chances of finding it, follow these tips:

  • Visit new locations regularly
  • Break open crates and barrels
  • Interact with NPCs that may have resources to trade

3. Trading Tips

To negotiate favorable trades, consider these tips:

“Always compare prices and offers from different traders before making a transaction. Some traders may offer better prices for linen fabric or even exchange it for other resources you may have in abundance.”

4. Crafting Tips

To craft items more efficiently, follow these tips:

  1. Create a crafting plan
  2. Prioritize crafting items that require linen fabric
  3. Save extra linen fabric for advanced crafting items or sales

How to Get More Linen Fabric in Spiritfarer with Upgrades

Upgrade Your Farm

By upgrading your farm, you’ll be able to plant more linen fiber and harvest it more quickly. Here’s what you need to do:

Linen Fiber Seed Improvement10 Linen Fibers, 10 Ash Planks, 5 Zinc Ingots, and 5 Spirit Flowers
Linen Fiber Field Improvement20 Wool Thread, 15 Marble, and 10 Spirit Flowers
Linen Fiber Harvest Improvement50 Bright Jelly, 20 Spirit Flowers, and 10 Comet Rocks

Upgrade Your Ship

Loom20 Linen Fiber, 10 Iron Ingots, and 10 Spirit Flowers
Crusher10 Linen Fabric, 5 Steel Sheets, and 10 Spirit Flowers
Silo15 Copper Ingots, 10 Linen Thread, and 20 Spirit Flowers

Upgrade Other Features

  • Upgrading your blueprint station will allow you to access more advanced crafting recipes that require linen fabric.
  • Upgrading your kitchen will allow you to cook more complex dishes that require linen fabric as an ingredient.
  • Upgrading your guest house will attract more guests to your ship, some of whom may trade linen fabric with you.

By upgrading these various features and stations, you’ll have more opportunities to produce, trade, and craft linen fabric in Spiritfarer, ultimately leading to a more productive and enjoyable gameplay experience.

How to Use Linen Fabric in Spiritfarer Quests

Quest NameObjectiveReward
Find Bruce and MickeyGive Linen Fabric to BruceUnlock Bruce’s Cooking ability
Help SummerGive Linen Fabric to SummerUnlock the Glass Vase
Help FrancisGive Linen Fabric to FrancisUnlock the Sewing Machine


Where can I find linen fabric?

You can find linen fabric in different locations in Spiritfarer. You can farm them by growing flax seeds, exploring different islands, and collecting materials, or trading with different characters in the game.

How can I trade for more linen fabric?

You can trade for linen fabric with different characters in the game. Build relationships with different characters and find out what they are looking for. This will help you negotiate better trades and get more linen fabric.

How do I store linen fabric?

You can store linen fabric in your inventory or in your ship’s storage. It’s best to organise your storage to keep track of your resources and ensure you don’t run out of essential items when you need them.

Can I sell linen fabric?

Yes, you can sell linen fabric to different characters in the game for currency. Keep an eye out for the best prices and negotiate the best deals to maximise your resources.

What should I do if I am running low on linen fabric?

If you are running low on linen fabric, focus on farming more flax seeds or exploring different islands to collect more resources. You can also trade with different characters and negotiate better deals to get more linen fabric.

What rewards can I obtain by using linen fabric in quests?

You can earn valuable rewards such as currency, character upgrades, and essential crafting resources. Ensure you use your resources wisely to get the most out of each quest.

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