How to Frame Shoes

Shoes have become an essential part of our lives. We wear them every day and take care of them carefully.

But it’s not always easy to find the right way to display your favorite pair of shoes. You may want to hang them on the wall or put them on a shelf, but you don’t know where to start.

Here are some tips on how to frame your shoes.

What Do You Need

  1. A shoebox
  2. A picture frame
  3. Some tape
  4. An adhesive-backed paper (optional)

How To Frame Your Shoes

Choose a Frame That Fits Your Shoe Style

There are two main styles of shoe frames: horizontal and vertical. Flat shoe frames are usually rectangular with a hinged back. Vertical shoe frames are typically square and have a hinged front. Both styles work well for displaying shoes. However, if you’re looking for something unique, consider using a shoe rack instead.

Find the Right Size Frame

Shoe racks are available in various sizes. If you’re planning to use one as a permanent fixture, choose a size that fits the space you plan to use it in. If you’re going to use it temporarily, choose a smaller size. For example, if you’re hanging a shoe rack in your bedroom, go for a small size.

Consider Adding Accessories

If you’re going to hang your shoes on a shoe rack, add some accessories to give your collection a little extra flair. A picture frame, mirror, or decorative box can help bring out the details of your shoes.

Add Some Color

You can also change up the look of your shoe rack by adding color. Use paint, stencils, or chalkboard paint to create a fun design.

Hang Your Shoes Carefully

Hanging your shoes on a shoe stand or shoe rack requires careful attention. Make sure the hooks are secure before turning on your shoes. Also, avoid putting heavy objects on top of your shoes.

Keep Them Safe

Your shoes should never be left unattended. Store them in a safe place when you aren’t wearing them.

Display Your Favorite Pair

Once you’ve found the perfect shoe rack, it’s time to get started! Start by placing your shoes inside the frame. Then, arrange them in a way that makes sense to you. You can even try organizing them by season or occasion.

Enjoy Your New Look

Now that you’ve hung your shoes enjoy the new look!


While framing is an affordable option, there are many other ways to display your shoes. There are many different shoe stands and shoe racks available at local retailers and department stores. The best thing about these options is they allow you to customize your shoe display according to your needs.


  1. Choose a suitable shoebox. A shoebox is the most basic type of shoe frame. It has a hinged back and comes in several sizes.
  2. Get creative. Try using a shoe rack to display your shoes. These come in all shapes and sizes. You can use them indoors or outdoors.
  3. Don’t forget the accessories. Add some color to your shoes by painting them, decorating them with stickers, or even wrapping them in fabric.