How To Fix Faux Leather Shoes Peeling

Here is a step-by-step guide to fix peeling faux leather shoes:

  1. Prepare the Shoes. Use 180-grit sandpaper to sand off all the peeling bits of faux leather. Sand in circles while applying pressure until you have removed all the flakes and are left with a smooth surface. Wipe the shoes clean with a dry cloth.
  2. Fill in the Cracks. Use a permanent marker that closely matches the color of your shoes. Carefully fill in any cracks or discolored areas. Allow the marker to dry completely.
  3. Apply Shoe Polish. Use a shoe polish that matches the color of your shoes. Apply the polish over the area you filled in with marker using a clean, dry rag. Apply it in small, circular motions. Allow the polish to dry completely.
  4. Apply Clear Coat (Optional). For extra protection, apply a thin layer of clear nail polish or acrylic sealer over the repaired area using a small paint brush. Allow to dry completely.
  5. Repeat as Needed. Examine the shoes after wearing them. If additional peeling occurs, repeat the sanding, filling, and polishing steps to touch up. With proper care, faux leather can often be revived, but is unlikely to be a permanent fix.

In summary, sand, fill with marker, polish with matching color, and seal with a clear coat as needed to fix peeling faux leather shoes. Be gentle and work in thin layers for the best results.

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