How to Easily Find the Item Number on Your Victoria’s Secret Garment Tag

The item number on a Victoria’s Secret garment can be found on the tag sewn into the side seam or back of the garment. This tag contains important details about the item, including the item number which is typically a series of 8 digits, sometimes preceded by “Item” or “Item No.”

How to Lookup Style Numbers + RN Numbers

Here are some tips for easily locating the Victoria’s Secret item number:

Inspect the Garment Tag

Examine the tag closely under good lighting for any numbers or codes. The item number may consist of 8 digits or a combination of numbers and letters.

Check All Tags

If the main tag doesn’t have the item number, check any other tags or labels sewn into the garment. It may be located on a smaller secondary tag.

Search Online

Once you have located the 8-digit item number, search for it online by entering “Victoria’s Secret [item number]” into Google. This can help you find matching pieces like bras and panties.

Use Descriptions

If you can’t find the item number, search using detailed descriptions like “Victoria’s Secret pink and white polka dot lace chemise.” Include details about the color, pattern, style, etc.

Check Manufacture Date

There may be a date on the tag like “09 18” for September 2018. Including the year in searches can aid your search for stock photos.

So in summary, closely inspect all tags and labels, looking for an 8-digit number. If found, search online using that number or detailed descriptions to hopefully locate stock images. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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