How To Do The Heart Wallpaper Trend On Tiktok

The heart wallpaper trend on TikTok involves creating colorful abstract art in the shape of a heart using photo editing apps. It has become popular to share videos demonstrating the process of making the wallpapers.

The final product is an artistic image that can be used as a phone background or posted on social media.

Steps for Creating a Digital Heart Wallpaper

To make your own digital heart wallpaper art, follow these steps:

1. Take or Select a Photo

  • Take a close-up photo of an eye, lips, flowers, etc. The details and colors will add to the abstract effect.
  • Alternatively, select an existing photo from your camera roll with rich colors and textures.

2. Import the Photo into a Photo Editing App

  • Apps like PicsArt, Photoshop Express, or Phonto work well.
  • Import your chosen photo into the app. Crop it if needed.

3. Add Effects and Overlays

  • Apply filters and adjustments like sharpen, saturate, contrast, etc to make the colors pop.
  • Add overlays like sparkles, textures, shapes, etc for extra flair.
  • Use the mirror effect to create kaleidoscopic patterns.

4. Draw or Add a Heart Shape

5. Finish and Export

Tips for Great Heart Wallpapers

  • Use high resolution photos for best quality.
  • Make bold color choices that stand out.
  • Outline the heart shape cleanly for a defined look.
  • Add creative splatters, drips or textures inside the heart.
  • Try different color combinations and patterns.
  • Play with layer blending modes for cool effects.
  • Add text with inspirational quotes or lyrics.

With some artistic flair and the right editing tools, you can make Instagram-worthy heart wallpapers to show off your creativity!

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