How Many Yards Does It Take to Make a King-Size Sheet?

It takes approximately 9 yards of fabric to make a king-size sheet set, with 6 yards for one side of the flat sheet and 3 yards for one side of the fitted sheet.


  • For a king flat sheet that is 102″ wide, it takes 9 yards of 54″ wide fabric per side, or 18 yards total for both sides[1][2].
  • For a king fitted sheet for a mattress 78″ x 80″, it takes approximately 8 2/3 yards (or 9 yards) of 36″ wide fabric[5].

So in total for a complete king sheet set with flat and fitted sheets, the yardage would be:

  • Flat sheet: 18 yards (9 yards per side)
  • Fitted sheet: 9 yards
  • Total for set: 27 yards

The total can vary slightly depending on details like fabric width, pattern repeats, and seam allowances. It’s always best to purchase a bit extra fabric to ensure you have enough.


Making a complete king-size sheet set requires about 27 yards of fabric – 18 yards for the flat sheet (9 per side) and 9 yards for the fitted sheet. This allows for 54″ wide fabric for the flat sheet and 36″ wide fabric for the fitted.


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