How Many Gobstopper Shoes Were Made: A Comprehensive Guide [FAQs]

How Many Gobstopper Shoes Were Made

If you’re a fan of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, you might remember the iconic Gobstopper shoes worn by Veruca Salt. But how many of these shoes were actually made? In this article, we’ll explore the history of Gobstopper shoes and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this unique piece of footwear.

The History of Gobstopper Shoes

Gobstopper shoes were created for the 2005 film adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, directed by Tim Burton. The shoes were designed by costume designer Gabriella Pescucci and were worn by actress Julia Winter, who played Veruca Salt.

The shoes were made to look like giant, multi-colored jawbreakers or gobstoppers, with a shiny, metallic finish. They were made from a combination of materials, including foam, fiberglass, and resin.

How Many Gobstopper Shoes Were Made?

According to reports, only two pairs of Gobstopper shoes were made for the film. One pair was worn by Julia Winter during filming, while the other pair was used for promotional purposes and was later auctioned off.


How much did the Gobstopper shoes sell for at auction?

The second pair of Gobstopper shoes sold for $12,000 at a Profiles in History auction in 2012.

Can I buy a pair of Gobstopper shoes?

Unfortunately, the Gobstopper shoes were never mass-produced and are not available for purchase.

Are there any replicas of the Gobstopper shoes available?

There are some handmade replicas available for purchase on websites like Etsy, but these are not official products and may vary in quality.

How long did it take to make the Gobstopper shoes?

It’s unclear exactly how long it took to make the Gobstopper shoes, but it’s likely that they took several weeks to create due to their intricate design.

Were the Gobstopper shoes comfortable to wear?

Julia Winter has stated in interviews that the shoes were not very comfortable to wear and caused her feet to hurt after long periods of time.

Are there any other shoes like the Gobstopper shoes?

There are many other unique and unusual shoes out there, but the Gobstopper shoes are definitely one-of-a-kind.

Who owns the original Gobstopper shoes?

It’s unclear who currently owns the original Gobstopper shoes worn by Julia Winter during filming.

Are the Gobstopper shoes on display anywhere?

It’s possible that the Gobstopper shoes may be on display at a museum or exhibition related to the film, but this has not been confirmed.

Pros of Gobstopper Shoes

While the Gobstopper shoes may not be the most practical footwear choice, they are certainly eye-catching and memorable. They’re a great conversation starter and would make a fun addition to any costume or cosplay outfit.

Tips for Creating Your Own Gobstopper Shoes

If you’re feeling crafty, you may be able to create your own version of the Gobstopper shoes using foam, resin, and paint. There are many tutorials available online that can guide you through the process.


While only two pairs of Gobstopper shoes were made for the 2005 film adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, they have become an iconic piece of movie history. While you may not be able to own a pair yourself, you can still admire their unique and whimsical design.

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