How Does A Fabric Softener Dispenser Work?

The fabric softener dispenser is a part inside some washing machines. It allows you to automatically add fabric softener during the rinse cycle.

The dispenser works by using centrifugal force and gravity.

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What is Fabric Softener?

Fabric softener is a liquid that makes clothes feel soft and smooth. It also helps reduce wrinkles and static cling. Fabric softener has a nice smell too.

You add a small amount of fabric softener to the dispenser before starting the wash. Then the dispenser releases the fabric softener at just the right time.

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Inside the Washing Machine

Washing machines have an inner drum that spins very fast. This spinning motion helps clean the clothes.

Top loading washers spin an agitator in the middle of the drum. The agitator churns the water and moves the clothes around. Front loading washers don’t have an agitator. But the drum spins back and forth to clean clothes.

How the Dispenser Works

The fabric softener dispenser sits on top of the agitator (in top loaders). It’s made of two parts – an outer cup and an inner cup.

You fill the inner cup with fabric softener before starting the wash. The outer cup holds the inner cup in place.

During the rinse cycle, the agitator spins very fast. This creates a strong centrifugal force inside the washer. Centrifugal force pushes the fabric softener up and out small holes in the dispenser cups.

Gravity then pulls the softener down onto the clothes below. The softener gets mixed all around as the clothes spin. This softens the fabrics evenly.

Dispenser Tips

Only add the recommended amount of softener. Too much can stain clothes. Also check that your washer has a fabric softener rinse cycle. Not all models do.

Clean the dispenser cups regularly. Fabric softener residues can build up over time. This can clog the holes or cause mold. It’s easy to remove the cups and rinse them out.

So in summary, the fabric softener dispenser uses centrifugal force and gravity to release softener at the right time. This automatically softens clothes without the extra effort. It’s a useful feature that makes doing laundry a little bit easier!


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