How Do You Make A Pillow Sham

A pillow sham is a great way to add a little something extra to your bedding. They are easy to make and can be made in a variety of fabrics and colors.

How Do You Make A Pillow Sham

Step 1: Choose Your Fabric

There are many different fabrics that can be used for pillow shams. Some popular choices include cotton, polyester, silk, and wool. You will want to choose a fabric that is comfortable to sleep on and also has a nice texture.

Some people also choose to use fabrics with patterns or designs because they think it makes the pillow look more appealing.

Step 2: Cut Your Fabric

Once you have chosen your fabric, it is time to cut it out. You will need two pieces of fabric measuring approximately 18 inches by 26 inches. Make sure that the edges of the fabric are even so that the sham will look uniform when it is finished.

Step 3: Sew Your Fabric Together

Now that you have your two pieces of fabric together, you will need to sew them together along the length of the sham. You may want to use a seam allowance of 1 inch so that there are no gaps when your sham is finished.

Step 4: Trim Your Fabric

Once your fabric has been sewn together, it is time to trim off any excess material around the edges. This will give your sham a nice finish and make it look professional.

Step 5: Iron Your Pillow Sham

Now that your sham has been trimmed and ironed, it is time to give it a final look.

You can either hang it up to dry or place it in a dryer on low heat for a few minutes. This will help the fabric to retain its shape and make your pillow look nicer.


Making a pillow sham is a great way to add some personality to your bedding. They are easy to make and can be made in a variety of fabrics and colors.

How To Make A Pillow Sham From A Pillowcase

Making a pillow sham from a pillowcase is not difficult, but it does require a little bit of sewing skill. You can use any type of pillowcase for this project, but it is helpful to have a fitted one so that the sham will look like the original pillow.

To make the sham, first cut off the bottom of the pillowcase so that it is just above the seam. Then cut out a rectangular shape from the remaining fabric using a ruler and scissors.

Try to make sure that your rectangle is as close to the exact size as possible because you will be sewing it onto the back of your original pillow.

To attach the sham to your original pillow, first, sew along one long edge of your rectangle. Then fold over this edge so that it covers half of the seam on your original pillowcase.

Next, press down firmly on this folded edge so that it permanently attaches to your original pillowcase.

Now, repeat the process for the other long edge of your sham. Make sure that the folded edges match up perfectly so that the sham looks like a single piece.

Finally, turn your sham over so that the front is facing up and slip it over your original pillow. Then, make sure that the edges of your sham are aligned with the edge of your original pillowcase and sew them together using a seamstress’s needle.

You can now enjoy your new pillow sham!