Homemade Shoe Stretch Spray: A DIY Solution for a Perfect Fit

The best methods for stretching shoes depend on the shoe material:

Leather Shoes

  • Apply rubbing alcohol mixed with water using a spray bottle or soaked cloth. This helps soften the leather.
  • Use a hair dryer on medium heat while wearing thick socks. Heat helps stretch and mold leather shoes.
  • Invest in a shoe stretcher and stretching plugs. Turn the handles over several hours to stretch problem areas.
Video: shoe stretching. how to it at home.

Suede Shoes

  • Use a specialized suede stretch spray. This relaxes the suede fibers for stretching.
  • Try wearing the suede shoes with thick socks to naturally stretch with wear.

Canvas Shoes

  • Stuff damp newspaper balls into the toe box. As it dries it expands to stretch the canvas.
  • Use a steamer to gently relax and stretch canvas material.
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Some other effective methods include:

  • Freeze shoes filled with water bags. The ice expansion stretches shoes.
  • Apply petroleum jelly or leather cream then heat gently with a hair dryer.

When stretching shoes:

  • Move heat sources constantly to prevent damage.
  • Condition leather and suede after stretching to maintain shape and prevent drying out.
  • Consider a shoe cobbler for expensive or delicate shoes.

So for your suede shoes, I would try a suede stretch spray first. If they still need more stretching, wear them with thick socks or try freezing them with water bags.

Be very careful with heat around suede. I hope these tips help you stretch your shoes for a perfect fit! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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