Double Pot Holder Pattern [FAQs]

I’m a sucker for a great kitchen pattern, and this double pot holder pattern is one of my favorites. It is functional and looks great – you can use it to make your own unique pot holders!

A Handy Double Pot Holder Pattern

It’s easy to make, and the results are fantastic. Here’s what you need to know about this double pot holder pattern.

The Materials You Need

You don’t need much to make your double pot holder. All you need is two pieces of fabric, some batting, and some thread. You can choose whatever materials you like or use scraps from other projects! As for the batting, lightweight quilt batting will do just fine.

Step-By-Step Guide

Once you have all your materials ready, making your double pot holder is super easy! The first step is to cut out two rectangles from each piece of fabric (they should be the same size).

Then, using a sewing machine or hand stitching, sew the two pieces of fabric together on three sides, leaving one side open. Next, stuff the batting into the pouch you created and sew up the opening that was left open.

Finally, stitch around all four edges for an extra secure finish – and voila! Your double pot holder is finished!

This double pot holder pattern is a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen decor while keeping yourself safe when cooking meals at home! Not only is it fun and easy to make – but it’s also convenient! With this simple pattern in hand, soon enough, everyone will ask where you got such an excellent kitchen accessory.

So why not give it a try? You won’t regret it!


  • Why not try the double pot holder pattern for those looking to make a creative pot holder? It’s an easy and relatively quick way to add style and charm to your kitchen!
  • With just four basic materials, including fabric, batting, ribbon, and thread, you can make a beautiful double pot holder in no time. Plus, there’s no sewing required – all you need is an iron and patience!
  • Making a double pot holder is an excellent way to express your creativity while being functional too! Not only will it protect your hands from hot pots and pans, but it’ll also look great displayed in your kitchen or dining room.


What is a double pot holder?

A double pot holder is an accessory used to store and protect two hot pots or pans. It is made of fabric with two large pockets quilted together and typically features a handle in the middle for easy carrying. The pockets are insulated to keep the pots or pans from getting too hot while they’re being carried around.

How do you use a double pot holder?

A double pot holder is most commonly used to transport two hot dishes at once, such as when taking food from one place to another or serving a meal at home. To use it, fill each pocket with a hot dish and hold onto the handle in the middle for support while carrying both words.

What kinds of fabric are used for double pot holders?

Double pot holders are typically made using 100% cotton fabrics, although some may also be made of linen or other natural fibers depending on the manufacturer’s preference and desired aesthetic look. Cotton fabric can withstand high temperatures without melting or burning, making it an ideal choice for this type of product.

Is it difficult to make a double pot holder from scratch?

While making a double pot holder from scratch requires some basic sewing skills, anyone with access to basic supplies can easily create their version at home!

All that’s needed is some quilting material (such as batting), cotton fabric, thread, scissors, pins, and iron – all of which can be found relatively easily in local craft stores or online retailers like Amazon. Once these supplies have been gathered, follow any tutorial online on making your double pot holder!

Where can I find pattern ideas for a double pot holder?

Numerous online websites offer detailed instructions on how to make your own personalized version of a double potholder! Websites such as Craftsy and Etsy offer free and paid downloadable patterns that come complete with instructions on how to sew the finished product together – all you need are materials like batting, fabric scraps, and thread!

Alternatively, Youtube offers plenty of video tutorials covering every step involved in creating your double potholder – perfect for anyone who prefers visual guidance over written instructions!

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